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  1. Pixel

    1972 Plymouth Fury Manuals

    Hello, I found many Manuals on this site https://mymopar but unfortunately there is no body manual for my 72 Fury. There is only the one for the 1971. I also downloaded it, but now I found out that 2 pages are missing which I am interested in right now. It is page 3-16 and 3-17. Maybe...
  2. Pixel

    NOT MINE Plymouth Fury III Coupe - Germany -17.500€

    Since this thread is unfortunately closed and I can no longer answer I make a new one. forcbodiesonly.1972-plymouth-fury-iii-2dr-hardtop The car was sold to Germany via Netherland in the spring of 2021. And is now for sale again in Germany. Here the german ad...
  3. Pixel

    NOT MINE Plymouth Fury III Coupe - Germany -17.500€

    sorry, can closed. see the other thread
  4. Pixel

    NOT MINE Plymouth Fury III Coupe - Germany -17.500€

    sorry can closed - see the other Thread
  5. Pixel

    Pixel´s 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

    I would like to introduce my 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe. You will already know him from this thread. NOT MINE - 1972 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe - $12,500 - El Cerrito, California About the history I know unfortunately almost nothing only that what was in the craiglist and eBay ad. According...
  6. Pixel

    Welcome Pixel to FCBO!

    Hello to all of you, I am Pixel and I am from Germany. I have always been fascinated by American cars and this year I bought my first American V8. I bought it in Holland from a dealer and had it shipped to Germany. Now I'm also looking for the contact to the seller in the U.S. maybe also to...