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    Passenger valve cover removal

    You can take this front housing off that has the heater core inside and then the cover should come off. There are bolts around the perimeter.
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    Passenger valve cover removal

    Does it have factory A/C? That adds more bulk to the pass side of the box. Non A/C should the valve cover should come right off. the 60-64 BB motor mounts are a different design and hard to find. Floating Power. Different for short wheelbase and long wheelbase. Maybe someone has done...
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    1965 Sports Fury - Rear Panel

    After all these years I’d like to see an emblem on a car that states “sports fury” or “sports satellite”
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    For Sale 3431153 3431154 window washer jug for C-body 1970-1973 fuselage cars.

    Nice washer bottle with no issues. this thread shows one sold 19 months ago for $321 on the bag, If this thread is closed for responses then send me a message
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    Hypothetical Question

    It will work on a stock 350 horse 440. It will have more power. The 5/16” fuel line is fine. Yes it will work better with a cam and dual pipes. They are expensive and a steep learning curve on getting it to work. If you are not able to learn new things and go with new thinking don’t ever...
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    Factory exhaust flanges intermediate pipe

    Agree above. looking closer at the photo that 41806 flange with a flat face on jegs has threaded holes in it which won’t work. You could drill them out if enough meat around them So you can use nuts and bolts. the 51002 with studs in it doesn’t look right.
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    Factory exhaust flanges intermediate pipe

    Here it is on Jegs, and it 2 1/4” just like the log manifold. Dynomax 41806: Exhaust INTERMEDIATE PIPE - JEGS High Performance
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    Transmission Oil

    Could leak from anywhere. Look it over and remember that atf is thin and will run down from above. So find the wet spot and look above it for the leak. hunderds of posts on how the pan still leaks and it is something above it leaking.
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    Transmission Oil

    Type F has the worst lubrications qualities of any ATF. It’s not slippery compared to others. yes people think it’s the greatest thing ever. I never use it in anything but an old FFFFord
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    Bought this 1974 Imperial LeBaron 4dr today

    General note: Save your old pads and shoes as they can be relined at a full service brake shop. they are in most major cities. If you don’t live near one call them and see if you can ship then in and get them relined.
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    67 New Yorker Plymouth Fury in a Detroit Pick a Part

    Pretty sad it’s in there. Go save many goodies from it.
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    years of Chryslers

    Welcome. The first year of a C-body is 1965. forward look is 1955-1961. 1955-1959 is full frame 1960-1961 is unibody this website is good Home of The Forward Look
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    Sprung door hinges

    Thai repair is a great thing to know, used it many times. Thanks again!
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    How to save rocker panel trim clips

    I tapped a sharp pick tool in the pin at an angle, rotate the pin so it’s loose in the clip and pull it out. It chews it up some, but they work fine. i always thought to get some dowel and use that. Or go to a model shop and see if they have any plastic pins that diameter.
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    Parking brake cable stuck on

    Lucky that day, wouldn’t hurt to try. Do you have a service manual to show how the park brake is assembled and adjusted?
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    Parking brake cable stuck on

    It comes through the firewall and down inboard of the frame rail. So you’re getting under the car. What did you do to the cqble by the left front wheel? it’s a sold housing and not open on the wheelwell. If it was it wojod fill with water and freeze overnight or corrode in one season.
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    1965 and 1966 New Yorker Cruise Control the same or different?

    Auto pilot by perfect circle should be the same, may have minor differences. There are some folks on here that know a lot about it, they will be along.
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    Have a priest bless my car?

    Put in the trunk of the next car you sell. Like a chain letter, keep it going.
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    Interesting Dealer Information- Ron Drenkow Motors, Sheldon IA

    Cool stuff thanks for sharing! They keep mailing my wife to buy her 2018 vehicle.
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    1961 Chrysler Newport battery positive cable

    The factory ran it from the battery post to the starter with a clamp on terminal That powered up the relay. So th actual cable was one piece. So you can use the existing cable run to the starter then run a 10 gauge positive wire to the starter relay. I would go from the from the battery...