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    Photos by using an Amazon 8 tablet

    What resolution is the camera on that tablet? Just curious.
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    Article on the museum, forward look focused

    Great article!! Thanks for your work and contributions to the Mopar Hobby! CBODY67
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    You want a couple 56 Imperials

    There was another brand of compressor which was on similar year Lincolns. The massive one with cooling fins cast into the outer surfaces. Similar large pulley, too. Just HUGE! Never had seen one, up until then. Went into and found the FSM. Not a V-type, but a 2 cyl unit like...
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    You want a couple 56 Imperials

    Is that an "RV-1" a/c compressor? No clutch, just remove the belt in the winter? Just curious, CBODY67
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    1960 Dart door panels

    Years ago, in another forum, a poster went to a large upholstery supply vendor and bought some blank cards to rebuild the panels in his '55 Buick. Not sure of a more recent vendor, but they should be available. When reinstalling, be sure to put a sheet of thick clear/opaque plastic on the door...
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    only c body

    "Y" sales designation, "D" body?
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    Can you identify a wheelcover?

    What about an aftermarket "close-match" version of the orig item, made years ago? If it's not an OEM cover, it can be close, but not exact. Any aged ink marking on the inside surface?
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    E-brake, change from drum on trans to rear axel

    IF the new rear axle has cables which enter the rear brake assys from the front, just use the routing from a 2nd Gen (say, 1977) Camaro/Firebird for reference. You can use the existing "front cable" (which used to go to the brake on the rear of the transmission) to pull (from the center of the...
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    E-brake, change from drum on trans to rear axel

    FIRST, you need to determine the origin of the rear axle now in the car. After that is known, then decipher the parking brake cable routing and such that the donor vehicle had. THEN, you can seek to interface your existing parking brake actuator cable (via a "dog knot", or similar) with...
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    The Weird Chrysler Cars of the Early 1960's

    Many of the 1960s Exner-era designs had some pretty neat individual styling cues in them. Just that some of them did not really go with the other ones, as a group. They might not have been trendy, but they were DISTINCTIVE. CBODY67
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    The Weird Chrysler Cars of the Early 1960's

    It was an interesting video, but after watching it, I linked the Ralph Gilles videos and went down THAT hole for a few hours, ending with his hour on a 2019 "Autoline" segment. An interesting few hours! As long as it took Chrysler to de-escalate their finned wonders, Cadillac still had...
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    Secrets of Chrysler Ram Induction

    When I was first learning about the Ram Induction system, I noted that the cam had "mechanical" lifters rather than hydraulic. That kind of brought down the aspirations of me ever owning something like that. Adjusting mechanical lifters was bad enough, but to seemingly take the top half of the...
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    Secrets of Chrysler Ram Induction

    At the time Chrysler introduced the Ram Induction intake manifold set-up, it was quite ground-breaking in concept, BUT built on solid scientific principles. It looked impressive and worked, too! Giving the mid-range power output a boost in a time period when "Two-lane blacktop passes" (of...
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    Master cylinder thoughts...

    The earliest dual master cyl for drum brakes was the 1967 models. The earliest dual master cyl for power disc brake models was also 1967. Key things to seek to match are piston diameters in the master cyl so you don't loose any "hydraulic mechanical advantage" with any swap. Seems like one...
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    300 in the movie Life

    There is a CAR Internert Movie Data Base. Searchable by make, model year, and brand.
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    Interesting article - 1957-1964 differences

    Lots of other interesting Chrysler articles there (CC), too.
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    Interesting article - 1957-1964 differences

    Great article. Thanks for posting it! CBODY67
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    EFI conversion with long ram manifolds?

    There would need to be ONE IAC for EACH of the tbi units, but the MAP sensor might could be on the balance tube section of rubber hose. As one tbi unit controls one bank of the engine, just one IAC would not work. Each of the tbi units should already have an IAC in it. On a "normal" 2x4bbl...
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    318 poly power pack

    From what I've seen, the term "Power Pack" was loosely used to refer to a simple 4bbl and dual exhaust upgrade from the normal 2bbl engine. It really meant something back then, but usually meant another 20+ horsepower or so. If the 318 PP engine also had more cam, so much the better! In those...
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    Painted My Roof (1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix)

    Those ornamental "roof extractor" vents were just ornaments. Same as the 1958 Impala, in that respect. One of their main benefits could have possibly been to put a bit more stiffness in the roof panel (as the beads on the '58 Fords) to decrease "drumming" in certain conditions, I suspect...