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  1. Gerald Morris

    Stromberg 2BBL home tuneup tips pls? ’67 Monaco 383

    I'll have to look at old pics, and I'm working the political situation in AZ these daze, so I've little time to fellowship on more Enlightened subjects such as Old Mopars. (Need $$ to keep my collection working!) Just buy a decent manual choke cable kit and attach the cable to the little hole...
  2. Gerald Morris

    Oil Cap Rubber Seal Source?

    Yes, a pity about Stant. Motorad uses Palestinian slave labor. I don't buy that brand.
  3. Gerald Morris

    Oil Cap Rubber Seal Source?

    You can get sheet gasket rubber at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, AutoZone etc. I do as you have; Cut mine from 1/8" sheet for my /6 oil cap, and a PS pump reservoir also. Good scissors help when doing this.
  4. Gerald Morris

    Want to add power steering to my C body

    eBay. That, Craigslist, and for the BEST stuff, when available, THIS FORUM.
  5. Gerald Morris

    General A727 Potential R&R questions/suggestions.

    Your observation of your '66 Newport accords very closely with my own, for both a 2.76 rear end and the 3.23 I now use. Over 90 mph, the car boats too much for my liking, though I suspect more work on suspension will alleviate a good deal of that. Still, for family driver purposes, 80-90 mph...
  6. Gerald Morris

    Spark Plug question

    See if you can score some NOS Champion J14Ys for 2 bbl 383s, those do well. I run NOS Bosch platinum plugs during the summer now, after putting the Edelbrock Performer 1405 on, to keep in accord with the FSM call for a cooler Champion (J11Y I think) for 4bbl running. A solid contingent of NGK...
  7. Gerald Morris

    What kind/brand of ignition system do I have?

    Brer Hoppy of Halifax has De Good ****, whichever direction you want to go with your ignition. I like points, though I snuck in a brand new 50 yr old NOS CD* box to work with the points, which is as close to an electronic ignition as I will allow on my '68. If I wanted an electronic ignition...
  8. Gerald Morris

    383 block flushing

    A lot of what you should do depends on 1.) the chemistry of what's in the cooling jacket now, and 2.) how much is in there. Have you actually looked inside the cooling jacket yet? That will help you a lot. If you use a good penetrant on the 3/8" NPT plugs, they should come out. Follow the...
  9. Gerald Morris

    Replacement period for belts and hoses

    Old Rubber is Rotten Rubber, whether it be condoms, belts, hoses or tires. Another item: NEVER STORE RUBBER WHERE ELECTRIC DISCHARGE IS PRESENT!! OZONE KILLS RUBBER! Anything which arcs or sparks generates enough ozone to significantly shorten the life of rubber. Electric motors with...
  10. Gerald Morris

    Over Heating Issues

    Get a drain snake like the sort used for kitchen sinks and lavatories. Pop the rear most expansion plug on each side if not all of them, root out as much crap from the cooling jacket as possible. THEN, use rubber plugs to seal the jacket for now, fill the cooling system with a good flushing...
  11. Gerald Morris

    Over Heating Issues

    Its cool. The alloyed fuse links are just that, fuse links alloyed of low temperature metals like lead, tin, antimony, mercury and such which will melt at very specific temperatures attained at exact power, caused by exact currents for given voltages, like, 12V, for example. Motor hysteresis...
  12. Gerald Morris

    Over Heating Issues

    Have you got suitably heavy wire for that 165A alternator? THIS can introduce some SERIOUS mischief if not handled properly. You will need at the very minimum #4 AWG directly from the alternator to your battery, though if I were doing this, I would seek #2 AWG. I too like plenty current to...
  13. Gerald Morris

    Over Heating Issues

    That high flow RobertShaw thermostat probably is the single most decisive element in your cooling system at this point. I run only ORIGINAL RobertShaw thermostats now, after Mr. Gasket's knock-offs didn't quite measure up for me. If you can find one from FlowKooler, get it. $30 for a good...
  14. Gerald Morris

    Converting lean burn to non-lean

    Yassuh, Rick-O knows his **** 'bout dis subjict awmawng uthuz awright! He sold me a damned fine kit for this purpose which still runs our D150 /6 very smart here. It passes Emissions with colors flyin' every year, and passes a good many Chebbies and Foadz with bigger hunks of ahrn unduh dey hood.
  15. Gerald Morris

    Converting lean burn to non-lean

    Thanks for making this data available to folks here. My carb expert mentioned retiring when he reaches 100, in a little more than a decade....
  16. Gerald Morris

    Converting lean burn to non-lean

    Fred, Hoppy and/or Rick-O have the stuff you need, excepting maybe a carburetor. Get something either NEW or NEWLY REBUILT for carburetors, I bought an electronic ignition conversion kit from Rick-O (Ehrenberg) for my '83 Dodge D150, and found a nice little mid 197-s Holley for the 225 /6 which...
  17. Gerald Morris

    How is your choke wired?????

    Ah. so it is. No intent of seeming to shout, just stating a principle for whoever to peruse. I get you, and apologize if I seemed over-emphatic or zealous.
  18. Gerald Morris

    How is your choke wired?????

    You CERTAINLY have a fuel delivery issue! Interestingly enough, I had a REMARKABLY SIMILAR PROBLEM RECENTLY with my '83 D150 /6. Turned out there was a little 1/4" backfeed hose to the tank which had sprung a leak. This hose connects to a third teat in the middle of the fuel filter, so the...
  19. Gerald Morris

    How is your choke wired?????

    NO! If that choke is functioning at all properly, while that motor is over ~100, the choke had BETTER BE ALL THE WAY OPEN! I use only manual chokes for reasons like your situation and I pray you get it fixed.