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  1. Gerald Morris

    Is There an Easier Way to Remove the Radio From a 1968 Dash?

    Greetings Slab Side Elders! While I'm not YET REPLACING my old thumb wheel AM radio, it struck me that I can't replace the dash speaker much unless I move it out of the way.... Even this doesn't look easy. I read the FSM on this matter, and really don't care much for the notion of...
  2. Gerald Morris

    Sticky Odometer Blues

    Gertrude, our 1968 Newport convertible, marks only about half the actual distance she travels on the main odometer, and seldom twitches the trip odo. I can manually reset the trip odo, and get it to log about 9/10s of the actual distance travelled, while rolling after the reset, which also MUST...
  3. Gerald Morris

    At LAST! A REAL Custom Seat Cover Maker, with GOOD Product!

    Greetings Moparians, and Felicitations for All seeking New Seat Covers or Upoholstery, I began my search for GOOD seat covers for Mathilda's aging velour upholstered seats as soon as we drove her home 5 years ago. I found a couple promising looking businesses who supposedly knew how to cover...
  4. Gerald Morris

    and NOW, 1966 PACKAGE TRAYS!!??

    Greetings again, Apropos of my previous thread, I obtained some suitable 6x9 speakers that drop neatly into the sheetmetal behind the back seat. This has become ALL the EASIER given that the 55 yr old package tray DISINTEGRATES WHEN ONE DOES MUCH TO IT! So, I commenced searching for a...
  5. Gerald Morris

    Stock Mopar 6x9 speakers in the old oval speaker holes in the trunk?

    Greetigs Learned Moparians! I'm looking for good fitting speakers to drop into the oval holes in the sheetmetal behind the back seat under the rear window. I think they measure 6" x 9" W x L but the ellipse made then might not exactly conform to modern 6 x 9 speakers. How many of you have...
  6. Gerald Morris

    Do 1968 steering wheels bolt onto a 1966 column?

    Greetings Moparians! I've stumbled onto a nice 2 spoke green steering wheel which matches Mathilda's green well, and would enable me to devote the necessary time and effort to restoring her much cracked 3 spoke wheel to its proper beauty. BUT, WILL THE 1968 STEERING WHEEL FIT? It LOOKS LIKE...