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    Oh crap, I just changed my oil with a low-zinc oil, what should I do?

    I do the same. My '21 Charger is the exception, but I have to use certain oil for warranty. My 1990 Dakota Convertible, the stepson's 68 Sport Fury Fastop, and my '05 Honda Shadow all run Rotella 15w40. My vehicles wish they were beaten like the proverbial red-headed step child. That would...
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    Those heater box cable clips....

    That clip looks very familiar to me. Had to replace a few on a 1968 Sport Fury. I think I got them through Dante's. They were the same as the clips for the B-body Air Grabber cables. Cheap to get and well worth not having to try to find originals. They even looked exactly like the ONE that...
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    I've Got the No-Charge Blues

    I just had a similar situation on my stepson's 68 Sport Fury. It charged when it wanted to. This is not a show car by any stretch of the word, it is a daily driver. I did the bypass, as we were losing over 1 volt from the alternator to the battery. That helped for about a week, then it just...
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    1966 Fury Brake Pedal Assembly

    It isn't exactly apples to apples, but it isn't apples to bowling balls either. My stepson is driving his 68 Sport Fury, 318, auto. He has manual drums, and wants to keep it that way. But that is beside the point I wanted to make here. I have a 1990 Dakota Convertible. According to the...
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    I'm not usually a fan of later wheels on the old Mopars, but this one looks good. Seventeens aren't too big on these old land yachts. LOL
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    For Sale 65 Plymouth Fury III

    Done. PM me so we can get everything set up please
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    For Sale 65 Plymouth Fury III

    What would you want for the two Commando V8 emblems?
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    What are these disc brakes from?

    Not an expert by any means, but I have personally owned a 1973 and a 1974 Dodge Challenger, both with factory manual disc brakes. I loved them both, and I had no issues with braking, even though at the time I was a whole 130 lbs
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    Stalling on deceleration

    You said you did some initial fine tuning of the idle mixtures. Is it manual, or electric choke? If the choke was still partly closed and you adjusted idle mixtures, when it gets fully open, the carb is too lean. Everything needs to be at full operating temps before fine tuning. I get...
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    How do you roll a fender lip to fit wider tires?

    With the LS swap, I'd say use the Phord rear end, the one from an Exploder would have disc brakes and be narrower too. Perfect answer to all the issues. J/K
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    For Sale 1968 Plymouth Fury - Misc. Interior Parts

    I'm interested in the gauge cluster. Specifically the speedometer. Would you separate the cluster from the bezel? The Fury I am working on for my son is not an A/C car, so the bezel is different. Car was off the road since 1997, so we are getting a few small issues now that it is back on the...
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    Has anyone tried to steam clean their vinyl top?

    That Gojo hand cleaner is really good for cleaning and softening up rubber seals too. Windshield gaskets on my mother's old 65 Belvedere never looked so good. Leaves them looking new, instead of shiny like most protectants
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    1968 fury scrap yard save

    I just attempted to pm you. If I did it right, you should have a new message
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    1968 fury scrap yard save

    I'm still looking for a bunch of small, random parts. Trim clips, and the chrome strip from the back of the driver's door glass, if you have it.
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    For Sale 1965-1968 Chrysler Parts

    What price would you need for the 68 300 marker lights? The round ones. I could pick up at Carlisle. I am helping put a 1968 Sport Fury back together, and the 17 year old who is getting it likes the 300 lights better than the plain round.
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    1968 fury scrap yard save

    Because I know that no pic means it doesn't exist. LOL
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    1968 fury scrap yard save

    Has the fate of this car been decided for sure? I am helping my bonus son put a 68 Sport Fury fastop back together and we are missing some of the pieces that I can see this car has. They are all oddball parts I can't seem to find replacements for, like the clips that hold the top molding down...
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    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury V10 Swap Build Thread

    I'm not 100% sure on the exact year, but I do know it was used in that body style. My 1990 Dakota Convertible uses just a cable. I know the later ones went to using both. By 1997, it was all VSS. But at least it narrows the search down
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    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury V10 Swap Build Thread

    Total shot in the dark. May be able to use the setup from about a 1993 Dakota. IIRC, they had a VSS that screwed onto the speedo output, then the cable screwed on to that. Looked like an afterthought even when it was new. But if it works, it may be an easy way out
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    Welcome 5star1369 to FCBO!

    Rebuilding a '68 Sport Fury with my stepson, looking for C-body specific parts and help Location: Dillsburg, PA