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    For Sale Oscilloscope for engines

    Hey everyone, who do you guys use to ship parts to each other?
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    For Sale Oscilloscope for engines

    Hi all, I have an oscilloscope I bought many years ago and used it once or twice. In a box with the wires in a bag with instructions. $30 plus shipping from Long Island. Thanks Charlie
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    Starter relay?

    Thank you for the help everyone. It turned out to be the starter after all. I put it in 8 or 9 years ago and I never liked the sound of the starter drive.
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    Starter relay?

    Hi all, Have any of you had a problem with your starter relay just quitting unexpectedl? Went to get into the 68 fury this morning for work and it wouldn’t start. I’ve been driving it for the last eight years with no problems. I looked at it after work with my son turning the key and the...
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    Rear Defroster Same Fusey & Slab?

    Hi azblackhemi, I have a 68 and 71 fury. The rear defroster on the 68 is wider than the opening in the rear shelf in the 71. I’m going to check my fathers 72 coronet since it has the rear defroster and it looks narrower then the 68. I’ll let you know when I hopefully get a chance to work next...
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    72 coronet disc brakes to 68 fury

    Thank you all for the condolences. I was hoping I could get lucky. Charlie
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    72 coronet disc brakes to 68 fury

    Hello all, my father passed away last month and he has a 72 dodge coronet that he bought from the original owner in 79. I know it probably wouldn’t work but could I use the disc brake from this car? Thank you . Charlie
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    For Sale 1974 dart parts

    Hello all, my brother had a 74 dart that he cut for parts. Now I need to get rid of the parts because the town is complaining about the cars and engine cranes outside so I need the parts to go. Any body know anyone that could use these parts. The parts consist of the windshield, back window...
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    SOLD Engine crane and air compressor

    Hi all, I have an engine crane and large upright air compressor I would like to move on. The crane seems to work but I haven’t put a load on it though. I dont know the condition of the compressor. Best offer. Must pick up on ” lovely“ long island. I will get pictures soon. Charlie
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    727 to 904

    The fury has a 360 engine. I thought I heard something is different between the 360 and 318 engine.
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    727 to 904

    Hi all, Can i replace the 727 in the 71 fury with a 904 from a 72 coronet with a 318 without any problems? I just wondered if it would work till I got the 727 rebuilt. Thank you. Charlie
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth fury III

    Hi all and happy new year!! I relisting the fury again for $1500 obo. It’s a 360 with a 727 behind it and a 68 83/4 rear. Disc brakes and air conditioning. Car is located in Nassau county Long Island . Charlie
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    For Sale 1971 fury hardtop

    Listing one more time. 71 fury for $2300 or best offer. For Sale - 1971 Plymouth Fury III
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    71 fury transmission

    Hi all, Since nobody seems interested in the green fury, I’ll guess I’ll rebuild the tranny. Should I replace the torque converter while doing the transmission or reuse it. Thank you.
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury III $2800

    Thread '1971 Plymouth Fury III' relisting my 71 fury hardtop. $2800