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  1. tfrogh

    part time problem

    My mechanic buddy who is looking into why my steering feels like it is binding has indicated I need one of these Flex Couplings (or Rag Joint). Anyone know of a definitive source for a 1972 Plymouth? I found some on Autozone but they are Universal Fit.
  2. tfrogh

    Oil recommendations 1976 440

    Depends on where you are some. Here in Maryland, I found 10w30 way to thin. Valves clattered like crazy. 10w40 has been what my old Mopars have liked for year round use (though they see precious little use in the winter). Lucas Hot Rod and Classic oil is doing VERY well in my '72 Plymouth...
  3. tfrogh

    Fel-Pro cork Valve cover gaskets SUCK!

    :-) Do you have a 400ci motor? My prior C-body had one and I fought the oil seepage from the day one. I won't have another 400 as it is a common problem thanks to the excessive heat from the exhaust manifolds running adjacent to the valve covers. Or so I remember reading. People have gotten...
  4. tfrogh

    On the hunt for Speedometer parts for a 72

    Final result, tried a straight through cable from dash to trans but the attachment to the trans was different. Ended up cleaning out the debris from the disintegration of the speed control guts, getting another cut-to fit core cable and redoing from the speed control down to the transmission...
  5. tfrogh

    On the hunt for Speedometer parts for a 72

    Update... All the websites say the lower cable is 63". Well, my factory cable was more like 57". My mechanic buddy ended up using a universal core kit to get everything working. That lasted a moment or two before the Speed Control shredded the new cable. Apparently that is the point of...
  6. tfrogh

    On the hunt for Speedometer parts for a 72

    I found the cable on RockAuto. Two different manufacturers offering it up. It is the lower cable from the speed control to the transmission that went up. My mechanic buddy looked into what was wrong and came back wanting these two parts. I did find the Pinion Gear for the transmission end of...
  7. tfrogh

    On the hunt for Speedometer parts for a 72

    My 1972 Custom Suburban's speedo gave up. It is a 360ci wagon with Speed-Control. I am on the hunt for preferably a NOS cable from the Speed-Control to the Transmission. And, I also need the gear which goes inside the transmission. Anyone have any wisdom of a good place to source these from...
  8. tfrogh

    1972 Plymouth fury wagon fuel tank search woes

    I ran into this as well with my '72. I found a local shop (about 30miles away) that was a Renu shop. Gas Tank RENU - USA I took my tank to them. They gave me a tour of the shop and what they do. 2 weeks later, I had my tank back in better than new condition. Amazing quality, lifetime...
  9. tfrogh

    Fuel Tank Recommendations

    I had mine repaired using the RENU system by a local shop. Wagon tanks are made of unobtanium. They did a bang up job and the tank now has a lifetime warranty. They can also fix and rust through including big chunks. In all, my tank was $750, but again, there are no reproduction Wagon...