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    NOT MINE 1971 Plymouth fury $14,000

    It located in the state of 'GONE'. .
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    NOT MINE 1970 300 2dr TNT on Post Falls, ID (DR8 metallic dark red, console)

    Nick's Garage has proven on the Dyno that a as built from the factory 440 Magnum can produce 400+ horsepower. It has been well known going back many decades that the stock built Hemi properly tuned will produce 500 horsepower, this has been well documented by the car magazines eons ago. Mopar...
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    New member

    Sounds like a fire hazard... <ducks> .
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    How can you fuck up a valve cover gasket job? nevermind... LOL A car like that without A/C after all that was done? I'm not gonna go there (ATC II). Well over many years especially on cars u-joints on the vehicle that appear to be tight can still be grease dry and binding, it takes many miles...
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    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth fury Gran Coupe $15,000

    Yea not too greedy are they... :elmer:
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    NOT MINE 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Coupe - $1,000 - Downey, California

    I posted up some original news footage (screenshots) from LA on one of these crime shows around the 1970's where many LA Homicide detectives could be seen driving 2 dr hardtop/coupe Plymouth small Furys, could this be a detective car? Post referred too: As Seen on TV... .
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    Epic Whoops thread.

    4th of July? heh who needs it when you have Meh'heko... .
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    Epic Whoops thread.

    Somehow I don't feel sad or have any sympathy for this clown in his over powered 'Resto-Rod'. Love how he jams it into park... sticky throttle, heh who doesn't have a sticky problem once in a while. More money than brains, no thought to turn off the ignition or use a 'Emergency Brake', oh wait...
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    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe - $850 - Renton, Washington

    A Posty! I would say a car to restore, right roof/wrong roof? bah... heh until I saw the roof rust, the car is toast and good for parts. :( (edit) Welp he seems to come back to reality right quick as he has it listed on the site for 2 grand recently in the past couple of...
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    NOT MINE For sale on FB: 70 Sport Fury 4000usd

    There's a lot of NO on that car for 4 grand. .
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    Oh I forgot what to ask you, what is the big ass wire coming off the battery going in front of the radiator for? Or was that gone by the time you got the car? .
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    NOT MINE 1961 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door Sedan in Cornelius, NC - $9,000

    Are those his 2 daughters on the dash? (they come with the car?) When I first saw the Fuzzy Bear steering wheel I thought it was going to bite your head off. .
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    NOT MINE 1971 fury 4dr $700,-

    It's actually a Fury III, I thought Fury II with a hardtop??? So I enlarged the fender pic and I see Fury III right? Not bad for what appears to be a complete car for 700 bucks, bargains can still be found. .
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    NOT MINE 1973 Dodge Polara Sedan - $10,800 - Lake Arrowhead, California

    It kills me that the exhaust has no mufflers or tailpipes and he thinks it's a "personal preference rather than regulation" :realcrazy::realcrazy::realcrazy::realcrazy: In California? NO! In any vehicle inspection state the car would be illegal and dangerous to drive. ie NOT ROAD WORTHY...
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    Yea I just went through the BaT pictures of the receipts, lotta money spent on the A/C... 2 reman compressors? Hope they got that finally working for ya, laff this is the one where they sent the heads out to be done and on the receipt it was billed for 360ci heads, LMAO hope they didn't try to...
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    Anyone interested in bagging their 70 C body stub frame without removing the torsion bars or the whole stock front end?

    Here's some more pictures of the FB lowering job. I just sped'red through the comments, most of the latest talk was about the rear end. aaaYup no shocks, must ride like a champ! .
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    As Seen on TV...

    I Dream Of Jeannie Season One 1080p .
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    As Seen on TV...

    Westworld .
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    There's a couple of previous for sale threads here on this car, one such thread I believe on this one the sellers listing showed some of the work invoices that was done on the car (quite a bit). I think the shop was in/around the West Palm Beach Area of Florida and I've heard of that shop way up...