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  1. '66 Fury I

    1966 Fury III - Unfinished Project

    I admire your work and dedication! Many would not have been able to work through what you have! You are setting a good example for us. You say your generator ran out of gas. Are you not reconnected to the grid? Following with interest, Lindsay
  2. '66 Fury I

    1966 Polara 880: The Build So Far, or "Bring Money".

    My negative battery cable has been adjusted for "twist-on-twist-off" friction fit for years (maybe 20 or so) and seems, for me to be a reliable and fool-proof solution. Just my idea. Lindsay
  3. '66 Fury I

    Carburetor Fuel Evaporation

    Very interesting. Until this summer, I had been able to use alcohol free gas. Now, in thier "Wisdom" our dictators have forced us to use e-10. First problem- my 1 year old fuel pump failed. Valves not holding. Pump replaced and extra filter installed before pump. Second problem- Thermoquad...
  4. '66 Fury I

    71 fury transmission

    Would the convertor then have to be rebalanced?
  5. '66 Fury I

    Flooding T-Q

    update: The carb is working just great. I guess the problem is solved! Thanks for the support! Lindsay
  6. '66 Fury I

    New Trico Classic blades are fakes.

    I searched for refills and came up empty. Ordered the same "classic" ones as Boyds dodge and was also disappointed. I used the "refills" fron the Classics as refills for my original "aero-foil" blades and they fit and work well. Expensive, but all I could find. Lindsay
  7. '66 Fury I

    Fin Friday

    Spoke with Gene today at the Atlantic Nationals in Moncton. He is helping in chopping a 40 Ford 2 door. Still active and "on the ball". He is an inspiration to us all! Lindsay
  8. '66 Fury I

    I'm not a metal man but...

    If you are "not a metal man" Richard Petty is "not a driver"!!!!
  9. '66 Fury I

    Flooding T-Q

    I just came in from reinstalling the T-Q. Fired so quickly it surprised me! No sign of flooding- yet anyway! I have no idea how old the needles were. I can't remember if I replaced them, but I've been using the carb for at least ten years. Good to know a source for good parts. Thanks, Lindsay
  10. '66 Fury I

    '66 Fury bumper Interchange?

    I would like to find better bumpers for my '66 Fury I. Are there other bumpers that will interchange? Is this information available online? Thanks! Lindsay
  11. '66 Fury I

    Flooding T-Q

    Went on an all day cruise yesterday. The Fury had been working beautifully, but when I stopped to pick up my daughter and grandkids, it stalled. I had good spark, but I smelled fuel, so foot to the floor and it started with a bit of cranking. The idle seemed slow and rough. so I twisted the...
  12. '66 Fury I

    HELP; can't get driveshaft in

    The Fury is rolling! ready for the Atlantic nationals this week. Best week in my year!! Always be careful if using cinder blocks under a car. IMHO they are a hazzard since they are prone to fracture and collapse. They are often placed on thier side (openings horizontal) and then have less...
  13. '66 Fury I

    HELP; can't get driveshaft in

    Maybe nobody is watching this old thread, but here is my recent experience. I had my 66 Fury on stands with all 4 wheels hanging free. The driveshaft would not slide forward enough to allow the rear u-joint to slip out of the diff yoke. I discovered that lifting the differential a few inches...
  14. '66 Fury I

    '74 Monaco hood release?

    IIRC the hood on my '74 Fury III was the same. Particularly bothersome in winter with snow & ice on the hood!! At times I would slide my hair comb down the crack, turn it a quarter turn and use it to lift the hood! A spring would have been a welcome addition! Lindsay
  15. '66 Fury I

    What did you do to your C-body today....

    I've been getting the Fury ready for the Atlantic Nationals next week. I recently found and bought 303 protectant. Seems to work great. Easy to use and results look great! Thanks to those who reccommended it!! Are the front and rear window gaskets molded in one piece or are the corners made...
  16. '66 Fury I

    Atlantic Nationals 2022

    Is anyone coming to the atlantic Nationals in Moncton NB? Show runs next week, July 6 to10. It's not a Mopar only show, but I've been enjoying it for over 20 years. Check out the website If you do come, stop by and chat! I'll be the old guy with the "PlainJane"...
  17. '66 Fury I

    My -56 will be different...

    The videos and downloadable versions are on This is the same site that has the FSM availible for free download. Click on "Master Tech Service Film Library", then click "By Model Year". There you will find "Powerflite and Power Steering" and "Powerflite, Power Steering & Brake...
  18. '66 Fury I

    My -56 will be different...

    mymopar has 2 service videos and print bulletins on the -56 power steering box. They show worm shaft bearing adjustment proceedres and might be helpful. Lindsay
  19. '66 Fury I

    My -56 will be different...

    Later boxes have the adjusting screw on the top to set the preload on the sector shaft bearings, and a large lock nut on the rear (around the input shaft) which can be loosened to allow adjustment of the preload on the worm gear bearings. I have no info on a '56 box, but if you have a FSM, you...
  20. '66 Fury I

    ignition coil click?

    Years ago, after chasing ignition problems and being frusterated, I learned that when flash-over occurs, it creates carbon tracks. The tracks form on the inside of the boot and the outside of the component it is covering. Replacing one half of the pair results in a new carbon track on the new...