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  1. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED 70 Sport Fury parts needed

    Looking for a left fender and brace for my 70 Sport Fury GT. Also wheel well trim, any or all pieces. Pics and prices if you have them available.
  2. Sport Fury GT

    For Sale 1970 Sport Fury 383 part out

    I'm interested in the left fender, brace and wheel well trim. I'm located in zip 65265
  3. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED 70 Fury fender needed

    My 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT was damaged in a parking lot altercation by an inattentive teen driver. I'm looking for a replacement left fender, brace, and wheel well trim. Plase contact me with pics and prices. Email is, cell 573 253 9417. Thanks for your assistance!
  4. Sport Fury GT

    For Sale C body exterior mirror

    C body exterior mirror for sale. Check pics for pn. Excellent condition. I’m not sure what car or year the mirror is for. I bought it for my 70 Sport Fury GT but it is not correct for my car. And the seller has disappeared. I’m asking $150 plus $20 shipping in CONUS. My loss is your gain.
  5. Sport Fury GT

    69 fury shocks

    I had KYB shocks on my 70 GT. They were decent. Rode on and did their job. I put Bilsteins on and they are a major improvement, IMHO.
  6. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED Road wheel parts

    I'm in search of trim rings and center caps for the road wheels on my 70 Sport Fury GT. If you have good parts for sale please send me pics and pricing. Thanks!
  7. Sport Fury GT

    A4 70 Sport Fury GT finally complete!

    Nearly a clone of my dad's 70Sport Fury GT. Same color and interior. Different steering wheel though and his had a black vinyl roof. Still a classy, fast automobile. Best of luck with it!
  8. Sport Fury GT

    A4 70 Sport Fury GT finally complete!

    Love the GT and the entire herd you have there. Please post more pics.
  9. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED Fury headlight door motor

    Thanks! I sent him a message.
  10. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED Fury headlight door motor

    The headlight door motor for my 1970 Sport Fury GT has gone tits up. Any vendor recommendations replacement or rebuilding?
  11. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED 70 Sport Fury GT misc. parts

    Looking for a few items for my 70 GT. #1. Headlight door motor. #2 Power seat switch. #3 Trim rings for the C body road wheels. If you have any of these items please contact me with pics and pricing. Thanks for your help!
  12. Sport Fury GT

    whats the right fuel sending unit - 5/16 or 3/8 " pick up ?

    I had the 5/16ths sending unit and line on my 70 Sport Fury GT with a stock fuel pump. I tried to locate a 3/8ths unit, but could not find one. Upgraded the fuel line to 3/8ths and added a Carter high volume fuel pump. ET dropped from 14.5 to 14.15 with no other changes
  13. Sport Fury GT

    WANTED C body road wheel trim rings

    I'm in search any number of trim rings for the 70 C body road wheels. I'm looking for excellent examples please. Mine are still OK, but I'm wanting ones with fewer dings and scrapes. Pics please and pricing.
  14. Sport Fury GT

    Trim Rings

    I am looking for trim rings for the 1970 C body road wheels. If you have one, or any number for sale, please let me know. Looking for new or excellent used pieces please. Pics required before purchase. Thanks all!
  15. Sport Fury GT

    SOLD Wheel stud info

    Local tire shop has my 70 Sport Fury GT in and has stripped the left hand threads off the rear wheel of my car. I need to know if anyone has the original part numbers for the rear wheel studs and the chrome lug nuts for the road wheel. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Sport Fury GT

    Left Hand Lug Nuts

    I need a set of 5 or 10 left hand lug nuts for my 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT. It has the C body factory road wheels. Local tire shop stripped the nuts and broke a stud off. Post reply . Any help is appreciated.
  17. Sport Fury GT

    For Sale 70 Fury quarter panels

    I have a pair of aftermarket 70 Plymouth fury quarter panels for sale. They are in the original box from when I ordered them in 1993. They have been stored in a warehouse until I located them again this year. Understand these are not factory quarter panels and while they are original and rust...
  18. Sport Fury GT

    Comment by 'Sport Fury GT' in item '1974 Fury 2 Door Hardtop'

    Nice job on the car. It's a rather unique color combo. I had a 74 2 door Fury III in B-5 blue with a white vinyl top and blue cloth interior. Nice running 360 2bbl with AC.