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    Ethanol Percentage

    here in germany most gasoline is E5. You can get it at every gas station. We have E10 but since it was invented they made big warnings to owner of older cars (not classics) to check if their year 2000 Brand X car is allowed to use it without harm. We only have one gas company which sell E0...
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    Carb change from Holley to Edelbrock / 1970 Chrysler 300 / 440 stock

    a 750 vacuum Edelbrock is my preferred carb on 440 powered C-bodies. Good gas mileage and enough power. Use it on my SFGT and a bunch of other C-bodies. And my cars see higher RPMs and kickdowns:steering: Carsten
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    Plastic timing chain pieces in oil pan?

    I am sure it prefers to continue to drive in Edmonton winters instead of getting parted out. I can hear it screaming. Those rusty beaters can be great. You know they don't have a future forever but you can enjoy them without bad feelings. Often those get more driven than the show cars/ summer...
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    Plastic timing chain pieces in oil pan?

    refurbish the eninge and put it back in. Your Newport wants to do a couple of more Edmonton winters
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    I can't drive - SEVENTY FIVE! Or can I?

    I am late to the party. But I drive my c-bodys a lot on the german Autobahn. Those which have gears 2.76 or 2.94 get driven 80-95mph Those with 3,23 gears usually 70-80mph. My advise would be to make sure to have good tires (free of cracking/aging). Check tire pressure regulary. Make sure...
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    Engine trouble..

    if it starts leaking oil already it is really ready to go Carsten
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    71' plymouth fury 440, what rear gear?

    Dave, do you have a sure grip in your Polara from the factory? Carsten
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    Any recommended company of remanufactured engines?

    8.2 compression means it doesn't have too much power. But it will run on US 91 (german/Israel 95). IF (big IF) there needs to be machine work done on block or heads to get them done correct again it might increase the compression. When we rebuilt an engine overhere we usually go for 10,0:1 but...
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    Any recommended company of remanufactured engines?

    watch out ! the octane ratings will be different. There is ROZ and MOZ. Israel 98 will be US 94 Even with US 94 (german 98) I do have pinging problems today. Not knowing how good the fuel supply and quality in Israel is in reality I would be careful when choosing the pistons and compression...
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    Rebuild or purchase a Remanufactured engine for my Imp?

    difficult question exspecially considering your location. How expensive would it be to ship a new engine to Israel? Do you have a good mechanic locally who could do an engine rebuilt or at least organize it? If so can you or he organize the parts easily and have knowledge ? Think about these...
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    Valve cover gaskets

    how about throwing the ugly "mopar performance" valve covers away and instlling original correct versions? Carsten
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    Motor oil

    Most of the new/rebuild engines that die are of course stroker engines with different springs than stock built for use in street machines Carsten
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    Motor oil

    on a site note: I had never a dead camshaft due to the missing ZDDP in an old engine nor do I know of someone that had it. If it comes to fresh rebuilt engines with new cams everything changes completely. It feels like every fifth new cam is dying quickly. Carsten
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    LPG Conversion?

    Hi, LPG is often used here in europe. Exspecially the dutch/Belgium guys converted a lot of cars to LPG becuse it is way cheaper here than regular gas. No major problem in general but it burns dry and hot. You need hardened valve seats sooner or later. Every guy has been going through this here...
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    need some opinions

    Hi, but it seems you prefer A-bodies above C-bodies. On this board here all the guys are c-enthusiasts. If you ask on forabodiesonly everyone will tell you to sell it and built yourself a Demon like you really want it. It will be faster, too due to lesser weight. Your car is rare and I wish it...
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    Engine Boiled over

    make sure to use a lot of anti freeze, it cools better than with "just" water even if it is not needed (like in Califronia, Arizona, NW, TX etc) Carsten
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    What fuel do you use?

    In germany we have up to 98 octane US (german ROZ 102). I use it on Hemis and 440 HPs which have 10:1 compression. I can drive with full ignition 34/36 Yet we only have gas with less than 5% ethanol but I am scared it will change in the future.
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    What gears to run?

    I told you since a long time :-)))
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    1970 Chrysler 440 HP color?

    the car looks nice but the engine bay is not so original. Wrong radiator, upper part of the rad support paintet black, firwall looks to be gold instead of white. Engine seems to glossy compared to the rusty compressor clutch
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    What gears to run?

    sounds like fun. Please post some pics of it. Carsten