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    440 Headers

    TTI doesnt sell directly to the public so whoever you use for a dealer generally wont have them in stock and will just drop ship them from TTI in california...hence the shipping least they have the rest of the system designed to mate to their headers ... if you use another brand now...
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    Crankshaft Balance on 440

    when i bought my fury 20+ years ago it shook so bad i assumed it had a dead cylinder but i had another 440 so i didnt care and bought it anyway...turned out it had a 73 cast crank 440 (with the correct damper) and the 68 converter...the correct converter with the 2 extra weights took care of the...
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    1966 Sport Fury- 1975 440

    yes...C body pans (stamped 187 or 669) have a notch in the passenger side to clear the swing of the idler arm...most performance stuff made for B & E bodies lack this notch...440 source has an extra quart pan with the notch but when i asked here a year or 2 ago if anybody here bought one and if...
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    1968 Plymouth fury iii

    steele rubber products in NC claims to have them...but i havent personally used their stuff to vouch for quality or fit...
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    '67 Monaco master brake cylinder questions

    the contents of the resevoir went somewhere...probably into the booster...
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    65 New Yorker has AC!

    i think half the problem is a "universal" wire set where everything's too can get a W crimper and remove the terminals from the cap end and re use them after cutting the wires to a length that makes sense...idk if your plug boots are the correct angles either...on the r/s theres a...
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    big block oil filters

    seems when they changed the lower hose outlet from the drivers to passenger side they also changed the power steering pump bracket which put the pump lower so the belt won't clear the long filter
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    68 Newport steering gear box rebuild kit

    Rockauto has gates and edelmann kits
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    '67 Fury engine removal question??

    put a plastic plug in the tailshaft or you'll empty the contents of the trans onto the floor
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    Fluids? Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid etc…

    well so i dont have to write a book here do some research on ZDDP and why "normal" oils have pretty much eliminated it (screws up converters) and why flat tappet cams need it...especially for break in...assume you have a new cam and lifters but iirc its my case i used a Hughes cam so...
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    Mopar Engine Paint Issue

    just to follow up my story...I texted the pics of my engine to Hirsh to show them how green it is...their reply was that it looked great and is the correct color....they sent me a link to a video (which i'm too stupid to show here) where some guy did a color comparison between the Mopar...
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    Cooling system/temp unit questions.

    dumb question...any chance the thermostat you removed was a 160? you have access to an ohmeter and can compare the resistance between the old and new senders?
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    Found 26" radiator fan shroud 2785435

    Vans has repros for 250...Mancini had them for $199 but they're out of stock...point is they're out there if you look around...hoprfully somebodys cheaper...
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    Changing Distributors

    rule #1...never fire anything up till everything is accounted for...assuming the missing fastener or tool wound up someplace where it cant do any harm and substituting another one is a recipe for disaster...
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    Torque straps from Schumacher...

    at least mopar had accelerator cables...on the chevys when the engine lifted it also jammed the accelerator linkage wide open
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    Changing Distributors

    other stuff to this distributor actually new? is it factory mopar?some parts house "rebuilt" distributors are pieces of crap built out of mis- matched parts and could result in something that has a completely screwed up timing at the very least i would check the part...
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    RV2 gas capacity

    where did the gas leak out? did it blow out the plug on top of the reciever/ dryer?....where ever it leaked out needs to be fixed
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    i believe i used the one at the letters/ numbers dont line up perfectly top to bottom when you type them in and you might get some unknown codes but if you move them over a space it'll come up with something that makes sense
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    Replacing my convertible top - 1965 Chrysler

    ok first of many stupid questions...i've done tops on VWs before and everywhere the top attached it was stapled on to a piece of wood that was glued or screwed onto the top frame or body...and were usually too rotted to re-use and new ones had to be this stuff readily available for...