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  1. darth_linux

    Back door wont unlock.

    If you can get the door card off as well as the vapor barrier it should become evident what the problem is. Might be tricky with door stuck closed though . . . I'd start with that if it were me.
  2. darth_linux

    Rubber or Carpet Trunk Mat?

    If it's always garaged and never exposed to rain, rubber would be more correct. I'm not sure that there is a correct "repop" of the '66 Chrysler mats - I've seen Dodge and Plymouth versions which have different "patterns." When I got my first '66 Newport, the rubber mat was in about 500 little...
  3. darth_linux

    Package tray clips

    What type of clips were used to hold the package tray in place? Here is the underside of my original showing the clip retainers.
  4. darth_linux

    Vent/wing window lubrication?

    I'm taking the front door panels off of my 66 Newport 2 door in order to replace the cat whiskers, make some adjustments to the glass alignment, lubricate the window regulator and door locks, replace the armrest bases and replace the cracked/missing window crank spacers. While I have it all...
  5. darth_linux

    Dash pad Cracks

    is it a plastic filler similar to bondo?
  6. darth_linux

    Dash pad Cracks

    Thanks for link. I’m guessing $1000 for a dash pad. I didn’t call because I’m not gonna have it done and didn’t want to waste their time. Did you get a quote?
  7. darth_linux

    Dash pad Cracks

    I didn’t see silicone listed on the product ingredients, but I’m not a chemist so maybe it’s there somewhere. Meguiars Product Ingredients | Meguiar's
  8. darth_linux

    Dash pad Cracks

    Is there someone who “redoes” these dash pads?? Honestly, it’s in good shape for 58 years old. I’m just gonna keep it hydrated and maybe glue those cracks to try and “seal” them.
  9. darth_linux

    Dash pad Cracks

    I know these aren’t that bad, but is there something I can do to prevent them from getting worse? I was thinking maybe CA glue? I recently started using Meguiar’s 57 to help preserve it.
  10. darth_linux

    Heater core leak on my new carpet

    Have you tried something like a Bissell Green Machine extractor?
  11. darth_linux

    Package shelf coloration and/or source for new

    Was it brown then or keyed to the interior color?
  12. darth_linux

    Package shelf coloration and/or source for new

    I haven’t found a “for sure” source for a ‘66 Chrysler Newport rear package shelf, just various C bodies models from other years. Given that, I might make my own from hardboard, using a jigsaw. How were package shelves colored? Paint? Dye? Vinyl covering? My original is badly damaged and I...
  13. darth_linux

    Front windshield trim, and dash pad

    Are these trim pieces installed correctly, sitting on top of the dash pad? The windshield has been replaced at some point and I’m just curious if they put it all back together correctly or not. Thank you.
  14. darth_linux

    Front seat belts arranged in an 'X'

    The owner's manual for my 66 Newport says to arrange the front seat belts in an 'X' - anyone know why?
  15. darth_linux

    Interior upgrades (First project

    SMS Fabrics will have the material if you can source a local upholsterer.
  16. darth_linux

    Condensation problems STILL!

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness. At the moment, I have the moisture problem mostly under control. It's supposed to be a very mild winter, so I'm planning to drive the car as soon as possible, whenever it's not snow/ice outside. Keep her moving, keep things lubed, get things warmed up and...
  17. darth_linux

    Condensation problems STILL!

    I have a Damprid box inside the cabin and another in the trunk . . .
  18. darth_linux

    Condensation problems STILL!

    Hopefully this will stop moisture from sweating up through the concrete and into the car.
  19. darth_linux

    Condensation problems STILL!

    So, I now realize this concrete pad is problematic, as well the fact that the trunk is above the lawn. I’m gonna move the car, put down a tarp, and then move the car onto the tarp.
  20. darth_linux

    Condensation problems STILL!

    Yes, all of the chrome on the inside of the car was rusty freckled when I got it. Same with the A and B pillar painted metal trim - rust at the bottoms. I have a feeling that it's been a problem with this car for a very long time. Like I mentioned in this mornings update, pulling the car...