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  1. darth_linux

    Fuel sending unit filter

    If you’ve got your fuel sending unit out of the tank for any reason, it’s always a good time to change the filter. I found this one on Amazon for about $15 and it’s a perfect match to what came out of the car. Hope this is helpful to some of you. It originally fits Ford vehicles of the 60s and...
  2. darth_linux

    Idle gets slower and slower . . .

    The idle on my 66 Newport 383/2v gets slower and slower until it stalls. What do you think could cause this issue? Car ran fine when parked for the winter in November. Fuel in the tank and carb is non-ethanol 91 octane. Started it back up after sitting for three months, and now it doesn't...
  3. darth_linux

    8-10 mpg

    Despite upgrading to electronic ignition (HiRev 7500 box and distro kit), rebuilt carb (tuned at idle to 19 in/mg), timing advanced slightly to 15 BTDC @ 500rpm, kick down linkage adjusted to factory spec, etc., I’m not getting better than 8-10 mpg in town even with driving very conservatively...
  4. darth_linux

    Clunky 2-3 shift

    On my ‘66 Newport my 1-2 upshift is smooth and silent, but my 2-3 shift is loud and clunky. Inspecting the u-joints found no faults. Is this “a thing” or is something else amiss that I don’t know about? Thanks!
  5. darth_linux

    Battery cable and washer hose hold downs

    OK I know somebody posted a source for these little things from somewhere, but I don’t remember what they’re called, who it was, or where to get them. Please post a link if you know.
  6. darth_linux

    Power Steering Stop Leak

    I know the correct answer to this question is to pull and repair/replace the steering gear box, but my question is, can some Power Steering Stop Leak buy me some time? It doesn't leak a lot, just enough to annoy Mrs. darth_linux when she looks at the driveway where I park the Newport.
  7. darth_linux

    Output shaft / front yoke engagement

    Trans was rebuilt probably 5 years ago - not sure. A little bit of leakage from the seal. Curious about the surface rust. At one time it looks like the yoke went in a lot more. Now it does not. The car has been driven more in the last 2 months than in the last 5 years, so there’s no way for me...
  8. darth_linux

    PS pressure line leak

    Why would my PS line be leaking here? It’s new, and it’s tight.
  9. darth_linux

    Wrong thermostat housing?

    Hi friends, I think I have the wrong thermostat housing and/or the wrong radiator hose. You can see the PO put a piece of rubber between the upper hose and the air conditioning compressor to keep the two from rubbing, and in the second picture I’m pointing to a part of the upper hose that got...
  10. darth_linux

    Interesting spark plug coloration

    What do you notice? This is after 350 miles on the highway with 87 octane unleaded. About 24 gallons used.
  11. darth_linux

    Checking Choke-pull off functionality

    I'm working on a mid '60s Stromberg WWC, and I'm checking the choke pull off. Begins to move with 5 mmHg and is completely engaged by 10 mmHg. Is somewhat slow to release if over-engaged - maybe sticking. Does anyone have a known-good or NEW unit to compare with mine? Wanna compare if mine...
  12. darth_linux

    original carb is missing - what should it have been?

    The original carb on my '66 Newport 383-2 is missing and was replaced with a Carter 6134s from a later model Dodge truck. A rebuild kit for this carb seems to be unobtainable. Would my car's build sheet tell me what carb it should of have, or any other document/casting number etc? I know it...
  13. darth_linux

    1968 383 - +20 HP

    Hi! The promo video for 1968 Chrysler models mentions that the horsepower on the '68 383 went from 270 to 290. Does anyone know what changed for the '68 model year to give this increase? thanks! Dave