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  1. lostcause

    For Sale NOS 69-70 Left Vent Window Weatherstrip 2893453

    Should fit C Body 4drs but please verify. Don't think they fit 2drs or Imperials. Free shipping from 66083. $60 obo
  2. lostcause

    Correct 66 300 Outside Mirror

    Would someone please post a picture of the correct outside non-remote mirror for a 66 300/NY. Mine does not look to have the correct mounting screws.
  3. lostcause

    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    I recently bought a 1966 300 and was pleased to find the broadcast sheet stuck inside the glove box, that was until I figured out it was for a different car. As you can see the S O number doesn't match my red car, neither does the VIN. On top of that it states SHOW CAR at the bottom of the...
  4. lostcause

    Welcome lostcause to FCBO!

    I've always driven Mopars Location: Spring Hill, KS