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  1. Joerg

    When I remove the old vinyl roof, do I have to remove the headliner too? (73 Imperial)

    My vinyl roof is now 48 years old and shrinked in the infamous areas behind the rear window - and therefore is a little bit torn there. When I want to completely remove the old vinyl roof, does this affect the windshield or the headliner? Can the windshield stay in place or should i remove it...
  2. Joerg

    73 Imperial LeBaron 4door Amber Firemist met.

    As I am new to Mopar products and I bought me a "Chrysler" which seats about twenty... I wanted to ask in this forum: Last year I bought my 1973 Imperial from California (Merced?) and it seems to have some history, at least between California and Pennsylvania - or more. The VIN is...
  3. Joerg

    Welcome Joerg to FCBO!

    I bought a 1973 Imperial LeBaron 4door HT and it is being restored now. Was dreaming about some landyachts since the early nineties and fulfilled my dream by owning a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V dark champagne (sold), a 1976 Cadillac in phoenician ivory and now the amber sherwood metallic...