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  1. dart4forte

    For Sale Firecore RR Dizzy B Motor

    Firecore ready to run distributor, fits 361, 383, 400 low deck blocks. Billet body. Comes with harness, cap and high output coil $150 plus $16.00 USPS flat-rate shipping Like most used parts this item does not carry a warranty Mesa, AZ
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    Cali to Texas road trip

    Is that a mental hospital?
  3. dart4forte

    "Happy" Memorial Day 2022.....

  4. dart4forte

    SOLD Offy Small Block Manifold

    Offy duel plane “360” intake manifold, 273-318, it’s in good shape however a small piece on the edge of the carb pad by the one of the studs is chipped. It’s not into the threads. Came off a running 318 that had no sealing issues. $135.00 plus shipping. Shipping on a small aluminum manifold...
  5. dart4forte

    For Sale Mirada Wheels

    I can do that later
  6. dart4forte

    For Sale Mirada Wheels

    Chrysler Dodge, Plymouth, aluminum Mirada mag wheels, 15x7, 5x4.5 bolt pattern. Wheels are powder coated. Comes with real nice center caps. Does not include lug nuts. Does not include shipping. Canadian shipments will go to the nearest state to your location. $550
  7. dart4forte

    For Sale Autometer

    Note change……..VDO gauge set, mechanical speedo, electric oil, water, fuel and volts. Gauges have been used. Comes with fuel sending unit. The gauges are in a Autometer box. You’ll need a oil and water sending unit. $125 plus shipping
  8. dart4forte

    Dash pad care

    I’ve found that 303 to be the best for me
  9. dart4forte

    Red Suspenders Day, Gridley California, May 15

    Love those small town shows
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    For the SW Mopar community, Tucson, Phoenix and LA area Last night Sick Customs, a Phoenix area rod shop had a rat rod stolen Here’s their Instagram post I need everyone’s help!! We had a Ratrod stolen and I need everyone to share and get the word out to help find these thief’s. A cash reward...
  11. dart4forte

    For Sale Nos freeze out plugs

    Never heard them referred to as freeze out plugs
  12. dart4forte

    Road trip.....

    looks like your garage giving birth
  13. dart4forte


    like the gun display. Must be fakes in that as a convicted felon he’s not allowed to own or posess a firearm.
  14. dart4forte

    Duct Tape Drags

    I know this is early but is anyone on the forum planning on attending. This took the place of the Zip Tie drags. I went in 2019 and had good time. Lots of clapped out looking cars that with some are well engineered. scheduled for October 1st and 2nd
  15. dart4forte

    67 Monaco- Blows fuse turning key from off to IGN??

    Keep a fire extinguisher handy
  16. dart4forte

    Installation Issues for Hemi Transplant

    why not a 5.7 or 6.1. Lots of low mileage motors out there. Also, Holley has expanded its line of conversion parts.
  17. dart4forte

    Ammeter to voltmeter conversion

    Catalog MAD Electrical
  18. dart4forte

    Dont wanna burn up my car

    A good read. Exactly what I did. Also, FABO member Crackedback makes a nice HL relay setup. Give Rob a shout.