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  1. Kelly Coleman

    gas smell

    here are pictures of my tank and the lines I have. Yes there is a gas tank pad. the cap is not vented. I drove it saturday to the AW for rootbeer, 1/4 tank of gas, 77 degrees out. 10 min after parked i could smell gas 100 feet away. slite pressure in tank. got home[30 miles] same thing. where is...
  2. Kelly Coleman

    gas smell

    my 70 300 has been very gassy smelling for awhile. Thought it was from too much under hood heat so I would open hood after I parked it to let heat out. Not the problem. Found 2 rubber caps on gas tank that were rotten, replaced them, now no smell from under hood. still smell gas from under...
  3. Kelly Coleman

    65 Imperial convertable

    have a chance too buy a 65 convert. 75000 miles, runs, drives, quarters rusty, behind front tires rusty, air doesnt work, radio doesnt work. Everything else seams too. 440 now. typical old car that hasnt had alot of attention. whats it worth??????
  4. Kelly Coleman

    1970 300 ignition switch

    HELP!!! Where can I get an ignition switch [ new, NOS, OE]for a 1970 300, tilt column. At the bottom of the column
  5. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale overload shocks

    overload shocks. bought for a 70 300. would fit other c bodies, used less than a season, no rust, rubber not cracked very nice shape. 30$ plus shipping. will take paypal
  6. Kelly Coleman

    volo show

    Had a wonderful first time at volo!!![even in the rain] Met new people, great cars, planing on next year!!!
  7. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 69 300

    69 300 parts car. car is gone now, body was JUNK. saved all good trim, back glass, right side quarter glass, trans, rear end, seats[bench buckets, need recovered], crankshaft, some motor externals, heater core[ needs checked] under dash heater tubing, firewall blowerhousing and motor, bumpers...
  8. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 1970 300

    1970 300. planing on attend volo Ill the end of june. will have for sale sign on car
  9. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 69 300 exhaust manifolds

    If you are in need of stock 440 exhaust manifolds[ logs] have a very nice pair. heat riser valve needs work, no cracks or broken ears. 50$ plus shipping. Going to volo Ill so could bring them with me.
  10. Kelly Coleman

    WANTED 70 300 window felt

    need good source for window felt that attaches to door panel. thanks
  11. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 69-70 300 passenger quarter glass and rear window glass

    69/70 300 passenger quarter glass[factory tint] and rear hard top glass. very nice condition, no scratches or clouding. $50 for quarter and $150 for rear plus shipping. Could arrange delivery if close enough to Iowa. Planing on goin to volo so could bring with me will take paypal
  12. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 70 300 headlight surrounds

    70 300 headlight surrounds. I think they fit 69 also. pictures of part number on backside. one needs repair, see pictures. $25/ pair plus shipping. will take paypal
  13. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 1969 300 brake pedal

    1969 300 break pedal, rubber very nice, little wear. back side has surface rust. needs cleaned up. $25 plus shipping. will take paypal
  14. Kelly Coleman

    For Sale 69 300 trunk light

    69 300 trunk light , see picture, needs restored. $15 plus shipping. will take paypal
  15. Kelly Coleman

    WANTED 70 300 single window switch

    need a good [working] passenger window switch for 70 300. with wires attached, [ pigtail ]
  16. Kelly Coleman

    WANTED 70 300 single window switch

    need a good [working] passenger window switch for 70 300. with wires attached, [ pigtail ]
  17. Kelly Coleman

    WANTED 1970 300 door handles

    wanted both outside door handles for 1970 300. must be very nice. thanks
  18. Kelly Coleman

    Found left side remote mirror

    # 03586643 NOS left side remote mirror, for my 70 300 needs to be as close to perfect as i can get. thanks
  19. Kelly Coleman

    1970 door handles

    what is the OE part number for 1970 300 door handles R/L ??? I need both sides
  20. Kelly Coleman

    Found 2935875 mirror needed

    part number 2935335 needed for 70 300 convertable in NOS perfered or very NICE shape