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  1. darth_linux

    Quarter window seal replacement 66 fury 2door or similar

    I ended up using the non-flocked version from Vans that is listed as fitting C Bodies, and while it did fit, it didn't want to stay in place, especially at the very top and after a few times of opening and closing the door. I ended up using weatherstrip adhesive to keep it in place. Are your...
  2. darth_linux

    Stromberg/Bendix WWC.

    Doesn’t a WWC have a 4” throat?”
  3. darth_linux

    Interior paint colors

    Thank you for the updated link. For my car, they only list the exterior colors.
  4. darth_linux

    Interior paint colors

    I have the exact same question for my 66 Newport with the L7 red interior. The painted things seem to be a match with "Red Metallic" but I don't know for sure, it might be "Metallic Maroon" . . . and don't want to spend $35 on a can of spray paint that doesn't match.
  5. darth_linux

    Interior paint colors

    This website seems to be no longer in service . . .
  6. darth_linux

    Washer Bottle Restoration

    Have you tried hydrogen peroxide and sunlight yet? How to Clean & Whiten Yellowed Plastics.
  7. darth_linux

    weatherstrip install advice

    I ended up using rubber cement on my quarter window seals. They didn’t want to stay otherwise. I still to need to adjust the alignment of the front windows because they want to catch on the new seals when rolling up …. Good luck, it takes time and finagling to get everything working right.
  8. darth_linux

    Herb's Parts - Need Interior Color Paint

    I have the 66 “metallic red” interior, but the cowl vent panels, window trim surround and lower dash panel are all different shades of red than the vinyl. How do I figure out the correct shades for those three items?
  9. darth_linux

    Alternator Cosmetic Restoration

  10. darth_linux

    Alternator Cosmetic Restoration

    We can agree to disagree. It’s less water than if you used engine cleaner and a pressure washer to clean your engine bay. But that’s a whole other conversation… thanks for your comments!
  11. darth_linux

    Alternator Cosmetic Restoration

    Many steam cleaners come with very small nozzles that allow you to “finesse” your application of the steam in very manageable ways without getting it into the internals of the part you’re working on. It can be done. It’s almost like using compressed air.
  12. darth_linux

    Alternator Cosmetic Restoration

    Maybe some all purpose cleaner or degreaser, a small detail brush and a steam cleaner. That would work pretty well.
  13. darth_linux

    Another Chrysler restoration on YouTube

    He got it running, who knows how far he’ll take it. These “barn find” “will it run?” Videos tend to run out of steam pretty quickly once the expenses start adding up.
  14. darth_linux

    Oil filter

  15. darth_linux

    Paint under hood.

    So, Formal Black cars didn’t get the “blackout” treatment? Just gloss black everywhere?
  16. darth_linux


    Some APC and a steam cleaner will get rid of it all. I use a McCullough Professional steamer and some "purple" APC from O'Reillys.
  17. darth_linux

    300 emblem on grill

    wow, that's gonna take some finesse to get all cleaned up, painted, and reassembled. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  18. darth_linux

    300 emblem on grill

    keep us posted, it looks like a useful lesson for all kinds of parts on our cars that have those emblems in various locations
  19. darth_linux

    300 emblem on grill

    maybe a healthy application of "Goo Gone" liquid can get beneath everything and loosen the adhesive. Might take several days of soaking . . . might also try a heat gun or hair dryer on the back and see if the adhesive will loosen that way.
  20. darth_linux

    300 emblem on grill

    I've got some Newport hubcaps that have a similar type of emblem in the middle of the wheel, and to me, it looks like at some point in the manufacturing process a clear plastic resin is poured over the painted parts of the emblem and left to level out and dry. If that's the case, the only way I...