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  1. darth_linux

    66 blower motor removal

    I’ve got the three 7/16” nuts removed and the three 1/4” screws (indicated by the screw driver tip) removed that seem to be holding the retainer/plate to the housing, but the motor and wheel aren’t coming out. Can’t tell if I’ve missed something or it’s just stuck and I need to pull harder. Any...
  2. darth_linux

    Weak Blower motor??

    1966 Chrysler Newport with factory AC. The output of my blower motor seems weak compared to modern vehicles. I assume that's to be expected, but even with my 3 speed fan on full blast and the setting on DEFROST, the output of air to the windshield is weaker than I expect. I thought about...
  3. darth_linux

    Adding mineral oil to RV2 sump

    Is this where you add the mineral oil to the RV2 to sump? If so, how much? The FSM says fill to 2 5/8”, but where do you measure that at?
  4. darth_linux

    Brown goo leakage

    So it got to 85 today and I wanted to see if the AC worked. Unsurprisingly, it did not blow cold. It wasn’t hot air, but neither was it cool. I drove for about 15 minutes with it on because although it wasn’t cold, it was still nice to get a breeze on my face, which of course the heater and...
  5. darth_linux

    possibly silly question about V-Twin compressor on '66

    So if I need to remove the AC compressor for some reason, is it possible to just unbolt the bracketry and "set it aside" like on newer cars, or do I have to evacuate the system and physically unbolt all of the connecting tubing, etc.? It seems like all of the connections are hard lines . . ...
  6. darth_linux

    '66 383 HOT/COLD sending unit location

    I'm going to plumb in a water temp. gauge soon when I get the correct thermostat housing installed, and I've found a suitable place for the sending unit to go right underneath the AC Compressor. It currently has a "plug" in it. But I'm curious as to where the hot/cold light sending unit is -...