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  1. darth_linux

    seat belt retainers

    Did our beautiful Slab Sides have anything to keep the rear seat belts from sliding down into the crack between the rear seat back and seat bottom when new? Or was it just such a tight fit that they wouldn't slip down and get lost in "Narnia?" Perhaps my rear seat bottom has too big a gap . . .
  2. darth_linux

    Need video of 65–66 2-door hardtop quarter window operation

    Hey friends, I’m hoping somebody out there with a 65 or 66 two-door hardtop can post a video on YouTube (or similar) showing how their manual rear quarter windows go up and down. Looking to get mine working just right, but I have questions about the way they are supposed to operate. They do some...
  3. darth_linux

    Would these wheels fit?

    On my 66 Newport (provided I can even get them)?
  4. darth_linux

    65-68 Chrysler Grille Styling - comments and questions

    So I'm just kind of nerding out a little bit, looking at the evolution of the 65-68 Chrysler Grille style elements. Thought I'd post what I notice, and would love to hear your thoughts and comments as well. 65 - retains the trapezoidal shape in the center section, as seen on the '64 Newport...
  5. darth_linux

    Interior condensation

    Hi all I've got my '66 Newport parked (outdoors) for the winter. It has one of those grey car covers on it, can't remember the make. It's been pretty damp out lately, and it just started getting below freezing last week, and today we had our first actual snow. Last night, while putting snow...
  6. darth_linux

    ‘66 300 in Enumclaw, WA

    Was at the car show today - does this belong to anyone here?
  7. darth_linux

    Say HELLO to CL23G66195870!

    Well it took me 3 months to find, and a little bit of persuading of Mrs. darth_linux to agree to it, but I have finally gotten another '66 Newport. I'm dubbing it the "S.S. Anderson" as it was sold new in March of 1966 to a "M. M. Anderson," from Philadelphia, PA. (I have the certicard) This...
  8. darth_linux

    1966 Chrysler "Color swoop"

    So on 1966 Chrysler models, there was the "color swoop" option, also described in the dealer brochure as "double-tracked aluminum body side molding with optional paint insert." Was BLACK the only color for this, as I've only seen a couple of cars with this option, and both had the black swoop...
  9. darth_linux

    Passenger side mirrors

    Pardon my ignorance - were passenger side mirrors mirrors offered in '66 on Newport/New Yorker/300? thanks!
  10. darth_linux

    Disc brakes?

    Hi! Can you retrofit disc brakes to a '66 Newport? I thought I read that discs were a factory option, but it seems like they were pretty rarely chosen. I was thinking of pulling from something newer (early 70s?) that is more readily available . . . thanks for any tips or links!