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  1. darth_linux

    Suspension help? On a 68 300 convertible

    If you haven't downloaded the PDF version of the factory service manual (FSM) from yet, you should do it when you get a chance. That will show you exactly what the rear suspension was supposed to look like, and how to adjust/repair it. Something I've learned here is that people are...
  2. darth_linux

    Suspension help? On a 68 300 convertible

    I can't answer your question authoritatively, but I don't think coil-overs were original. Your car is beautiful! Wait for one of the "old guys with a hat" to answer - they are rarely wrong about anything related to C Bodies (I'm still learning).
  3. darth_linux

    Cleaning up aluminum wheels (not Mopar)

    A good suggestion, but that will make the wheels worth more than the entire van, lol. I’m looking for something I can do in an afternoon without refinishing the entire wheel. I might try a scotch brite pad just to get the discoloration off.
  4. darth_linux

    Cleaning up aluminum wheels (not Mopar)

    So I’ve got these very nice aluminum wheels on my 2008 Uplander and there’s some corrosion from where wheel weights were previously placed, and brake goo that sat on the wheel for too long. What’s the best way to clean these up? Scotch bright pad, magic eraser, some sort of metal scraper, some...
  5. darth_linux

    Thinking of starting a you tube channel

    If there is music playing in your video that is not yours or something you've bought a license to use, you will likely get copyright claimed, which means you cannot monetize the video. Now if you are a small channel (like mine) it doesn't matter because the channel will likely never get enough...
  6. darth_linux

    Thinking of starting a you tube channel

    I have a YT channel, but it's mostly about music, not cars. My advice is: don't have delusions that you'll get a lot of viewers or traction quickly. There are MILLIONS of videos out there and someone finding your video is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, in other words, create videos...
  7. darth_linux

    Favorite pic of your ride? Let’s see em!

    My ‘66 Newport
  8. darth_linux

    Favorite pic of your ride? Let’s see em!

    Here’s my ‘66 Newport, the S.S. Anderson.
  9. darth_linux

    /6 Turbo 500 ft lbs @3000 rpm, pump gas

    pretty amazing, isn't it!
  10. darth_linux

    WILD SLANT SIX - 225 Chrysler Build and Dyno

    282 HP, 291 ft-lbs torque . . . pretty awesome!
  11. darth_linux

    Fuel mileage

    Before lots of tuning I got 14.5 on the freeway.
  12. darth_linux

    What a Dash! 63 Pontiac Grand Prix

    I too would choose Pontiac if Chrysler didn’t do it for me. 63-65 Catalina or Grand Prix checks lotsa boxes for me.
  13. darth_linux

    Advice thread for newbies to the old car hobby.

    I got my first C Body in 1989, when I was 19 years old. It was a '66 Newport, 4 door post, in a gorgeous Turquoise Frost metallic. I didn't know ANYTHING about cars then, but all of my car buddies who drove Novas, Torinos, Chargers, Grand Prix, Darts, etc. told me it would be a great car since...
  14. darth_linux

    Parts Advice for my DD

    I had a similar thing happen fixing my daughter's 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Needed a window regulator, so I went to O'Reilly's, got the "house" brand, took it out of the box and FoMoCo was clearly visible on the case, although it was half-heartedly ground off just enough to make it no longer "OEM."...
  15. darth_linux

    Nick's garage and the 300J

    He was pretty frustrated with that setup . . . .
  16. darth_linux

    2023, final year for the 6.4 Hemi Chrysler 300

    A completely boring and underwhelming video. I wish Chrysler would have taken the opportunity give us some of the updated design cues that define a 300 - the giant "crosshair" on the grille; red/white/blue badging on front fenders; larger emblem on trunk lid/rear fascia; red/white/blue center...
  17. darth_linux

    Restoration Parts Resource

    Horrible experience with this company. Ordered a washer pump. Got an invoice showing the part was ordered and paid for. A week went by, I asked for an update. No response. 4 more days go by, again I ask for an update. No reply. 2 weeks go by, I send an email telling them that unless I get...