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  1. darth_linux

    Repairable? Dent in wheel …

    Picked up this set of four 15 x 7“ wheels from a 80s Fifth Avenue. Just noticed there’s a bit of a dent in one of the rims. Can it be repaired?
  2. darth_linux

    "Fifth Avenue" wheels, 15" - will they fit?

    Will 15" wheels off of a mid 80s Fifth Avenue fit a C Body. Supposedly they are 15" with a 5 x 4.5" bolt pattern. I don't know if it's an M-body or an R-body, and the salvage yard is confirming they are 5 x 114.3mm and not 5 x 100mm. Also hoping they have the 3 "nubs" for dog dish hub caps...
  3. darth_linux

    brake drum color

    Hi Aside from those few models that had parts of the brake drum painted red where it could be seen through the wheel slots, did Chrysler Corp. ever paint brake drums or were they just left to rust? Just curious, thanks.
  4. darth_linux

    Hissing noise from brake pedal

    So on my 66 Newport, I recently have a slight hiss coming from the brake pedal inside the car. It goes away when I apply the brakes. There is no rough idle or anything associated with a vacuum leak to the engine. I’ve had a brake booster fail before, but the symptoms it displayed were a loud...
  5. darth_linux

    Slight brake pull after everything replaced new

    '66 Newport, 11" x 2.75" front drums. all new drums, shoes, springs/hardware, wheel cylinders, hard brake lines, soft brake lines . . . Slight pull to the left on hard brake application. Not sure what might cause this when everything is brand new. Ideas? Already planning to tear down...
  6. darth_linux

    Brake spring noise when applying brakes

    When I apply the brakes I can hear the return springs stretching out. Is this common? Any way to reduce the noise if so? It sounds just like when your getting the springs installed after having everything apart. Thanks! [66 Newport]
  7. darth_linux

    Wheel bearing hub assembly on FRONT!

    Hi all. Was expecting the wheel bearing to be inside the front drum on my 66 Newport, but nope, there’s a separate hub assembly. Why? The FSM does not show this at all ….
  8. darth_linux

    Interesting wear patterns on rear drums

    I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I wanted to share the pictures with you all and see what you think. I’m going to have the drums turned, and get new brake shoes. One side looks to have been previously fitted with riveted shoes. It went to down to the rivets and made ridges in the drum...
  9. darth_linux

    Brake work jack stand placement

    I’m gonna put the ‘66 on 4 jack stands for some brake work and I’m curious about where the best point on the front end is to place said jack stands. Rears are going under the rear axle obviously. Thanks in advance.
  10. darth_linux

    Question about “police” wheels

    So I’m thinking of going to 15x6 or 15x6.5 wheels in the future and I’m curious if the police wheels have the three “nubs” for holding dogdish hubcaps on? Also, are they just like ordinary steel wheels except they are slotted for cooling? This would be for my 66 Newport. Thanks.
  11. darth_linux

    66 Chrysler front brake hard line routing

    Does anyone have photos of their ORIGINAL front brake hard lines that they can share with me? The previous owner of this car replaced the brake lines in the front, but they seem to be routed very poorly and indeed, in some places were rubbing on either the core support or the diagonal strut bars...
  12. darth_linux

    Stop Light Switch adjustment?

    Hi. Looked in the FSM, couldn't find anything. Is there any adjustment possible to the stoplight switch of a '66 Chrysler? My brake lights don't come on until the pedal is about halfway depressed, and that leaves me without brake lights for light applications of the pedal. Wondering if can...
  13. darth_linux

    Poverty caps on my '66

    I've got 'em, but not sure if I should add trim rings or not, and paint the wheels body color or some other color.