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    SOLD 1965 Chrysler 300L Factory 4 Speed for Sale

    Delivery paperwork indicates it was sold to an Elmer L Books in Cleona PA. That's likely a slight error - there is an Elmer M Books in Cleona PA who passed away in 1985 and records do not state any other family members including children named Elmer. I'm guessing he was a retiree who decided to...
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    For Sale 1969 Plymouth VIP edition - $12000 (san jose south)

    Are you sure of that? I've seen and owned Sport Fury GT's which came with bench seats, why would a 69 Sport Fury have buckets? Or was that how it was in '69?
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    For Sale 1970 Polara convertible for sale (Sudbury, Canada)

    Love the car, HATE what he has done to it. Everything says 'tacky' including those K-Mart surface mount speakers in the back seat area. (Which by the way undoubtedly have caused holes for screws and wires in very hard to replace side panels.) And really, big low-profile tires/wheels just look...
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    For Sale 1969 Imperial 2 door

    With all due respect, even if the observed flaws are there, this is 100x the car a Mirada is. I know because I owned one and it was far and away without question the single worst car I have ever owned. It was junk from the very day I bought it as a 'low mileage executive car' from the dealer...
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    For Sale 1965 Dodge Monaco 426 Wedge 4-Speed

    If you wait long enough, eventually you can sell most anything. To be honest I think that's more than the market will bear for such a car. On the other hand, if I were looking for one, it might be worth it to me to pay that price and do a resto rather than spend a lot of money and time looking...
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    For Sale 1971 Sport Fury GT E-bay

    White might be better than black but what it needs are GOLD stripes, at least if it has the right shade of metallic green. There seems to have been two kinds of metallic green, one with silver flake and one with gold flake which mine was. The gold flake green with gold stripes looked a million...
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    For Sale 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door Hardtop (over priced?)

    Bring it back with A/C, bucket seats and power windows and I'll say 'OK' to the price. As is though, nope.
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    For Sale 1970 Chrysler 300

    Doubt he will get anything like that. It's a problem of right condition - wrong car - wrong price. I love the appearance and condition but he's trying to get back his restoration money, and he restored the wrong car. If only this 300 had buckets, A/C, power windows and road wheels we'd be...