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  1. carguy300

    My 1972 Dodge Monaco 360 2bbl

    Looks like quite a score on that one! These wagons are really making a resurrection from from junk piles, im glad to see many more coming out these days. And yes 360 2 barrels were impressive, had one in a 71 newport 4 dr that would shame any 400, including mercs and fords. Again Congrates on...
  2. carguy300

    1968’ 300 Transformation

    If only I was younger! This texas heat on 62 yearold self makes it hard for me to get out in my shop with no air and do alot at it for very long! My son keeps tellin me, Dad, youll get it done.....Ive been to carlise twice and grew up in the finger lakes region of new york so I know how the heat...
  3. carguy300

    1968’ 300 Transformation

    They look Great together! Hoping to have mine done for next year, we can meet up and have 3 of a kind!
  4. carguy300

    NOT MINE Smoking Deal Or A Scam Hemi RR

    Shirley?, maybe thats Peggys sister!
  5. carguy300

    NOT MINE Smoking Deal Or A Scam Hemi RR

    It is still a very good looking car!, at that price Id take it.....if I had room!
  6. carguy300

    NOT MINE Smoking Deal Or A Scam Hemi RR

    It looks like there were only 152 hemis for 1970, 3 were convertables. The only one I just looked at was a 383 clone for 46,000. The hemis over 100,000.
  7. carguy300

    NOT MINE Smoking Deal Or A Scam Hemi RR

    Is it really a 'Hemi'? At that price something isnt right for sure, or someone doesnt know what they have!
  8. carguy300

    1968’ 300 Transformation

    Very very NICE! Im hoping Ill have mine ready and looking that good by next year.
  9. carguy300

    Need opinions on these new pistons please

    I would send them back as well, ive gotten alot of parts from ebay that I was happy with, but something like that I would go through a supplier who specializes in engine parts.
  10. carguy300

    John Force Wreck

    He is one of the Best! I got see him in person one time at ennis texas, a regular guy who drives fast!
  11. carguy300

    '68 300 Stock Rims, wider tires

    235/70's would look and still fit good.
  12. carguy300

    NOT MINE 1971 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe in Ann Arbor, MI (GB2, 360, 75k miles, $8k ask)

    Looks like it has a lot of potential, hideaway doors and grill look good and straight. Passenger carpet looks water damaged, engine compartment looks well kept, to bad no cruise or elec windows.
  13. carguy300

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler newport 2dr manual $7,000

    I could do that one! Thats the first one ive seen on the tree. Brother had a 68 newport 4 spd that was really nice.
  14. carguy300

    Repairable? Dent in wheel …

    I would use torch and reshape it.
  15. carguy300

    Barn find 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible Woody.

    You may be right. I would have been a whole lot more prepared and careful if it was mine!!
  16. carguy300

    Barn find 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible Woody.

    Cant wait to see it road ready! What a catch.
  17. carguy300

    Finally cleaned-up! Some pics of my '73 Gran Fury

    That is a very nice fury! The color combo is perfect! Hope you hang on to it a long while.
  18. carguy300

    Valve cover studs?

    I was thinking the bottom end holes myself.