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  1. 1970cat

    My new to me 1959 Dodge Coronet

    the crank bolt is probably tightening like it normally would when turned clockwise.
  2. 1970cat

    Parts cleaners - Ultrasonic, vibratory & solvent-experience welcome.

    i use simple green in my ultrasonic to clean brass clock parts. works great for degreasing. a quick spritz with brake kleen before they dry eliminates any haze.
  3. 1970cat

    Convertible Rear Speaker Grills ?

    maybe it's 1970 i'm thinking's been a while
  4. 1970cat

    Convertible Rear Speaker Grills ?

    fury III. sport fury was plastic and had the red white and blue medallions
  5. 1970cat


    missing a lot of trim including the red white and blue on the quarters. i would say definite repaint. needs interior , top, boot, wiper motor and a few odds and ends. looks like a stalled project but it might be a bargain if the bodywork is good.
  6. 1970cat

    1968 300 Dash Wiring Project

    not sure glue will work. the wire is a resistor and will possibly put off enough heat to melt glue. the ceramic is a shield / heat sink.
  7. 1970cat

    $1500 Fury 1 near me

    this car needs someone to save it, if the underside is reasonably intact. take it home, clean it then assess it. if you don't fall in love with it, flip it.
  8. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1966 Plymouth SPORT FURY 2dr $9.9k dealer car

    the met in the background is cute
  9. 1970cat

    Options for compatible bucket seats

    i'm assuming you have tried here already for seats. CTC Auto Ranch
  10. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth fury 3 FREE

    the elder block intake must be worth something.
  11. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Fury Convertible parts car- near Philadelphia

    it's not a sport fury ,but it looks like a good project car for someone.
  12. 1970cat

    Paint Remover

    this stuff used to be good but who knows now that everything has been made safe and useless.
  13. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Fury. Maybe a snapper 7.000$$

    a sport fury snapper must be quite uncommon.
  14. 1970cat

    Bastardized 1959 "Coronet" build

    hood that opens from either side like the old buicks?