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    NOT MINE 1971 Chrysler Newport Custom 2 dr Hdtp Edmonton Alberta

    This car is in excellent condition for being 53 years old and only has 104,000 original miles! It has sat inside a shop since 1986 and due to the body being so tight, no vermin got inside to stink it up which seems you can never get rid of! Original paint shines so nice, body panels nice and...
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    NOT MINE 71 Plymouth Sport Suburban Wagon Alberta Canada

    Check out the sellers profile on FB, they have several high end C bodies listed looks like someone's collection and based on the newer Dodge trucks also listed I assume a dealership owner.
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    NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Fast top

    Hello, I’m selling my 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Fast top that is in beautiful shape in and out. Always well taken care of, Maintained on time and stored indoors most of its life. California Car, Super solid body, No rust. Original Dark Green paint, Never repainted. Black Vinyl top, Black...
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    NOT MINE 1964 Chrysler 300 4 speed

    Ad is still up. Not sure why my link wont show. Asking $1500 its in Charleston SC
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    NOT MINE 1964 Chrysler 300 4 speed

    On Facebook "" 1964 Chrysler 300. 2 door. Selling for parts!Body has a lot of rust! But very rare car, and said to be one of 200 made?413 engine with factory, four speed and positive traction rear end. Lots of chrome, trim, and other hard to find parts still on the car. Car located in North...
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    NOT MINE NOT MINE: 1971 Chrysler 300

    Still available 1971 Chrysler 300
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    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth Custom Suburban - $14,500 - Henderson, Nevada

    Manual brakes and steering that thing must be a bear in a parking lot. It'd make a nice hemi swap like Tobias did
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    NOT MINE 1965 Chrysler 300 Convertible 4-speed

    Only 1 picture and and short on info but they claim its a 4 speed! 65 Chrysler 300 convertible turquoise white interior black top. Factory 4-speed bucket seats, AC all power. Complete car. Lots of extra parts. Inside carport over 30 years. Needs tlc. Asking: $32 000...
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    NOT MINE 1971 sport fury GT .....Clone

    I thought it looked good but am far from an expert on c bodies, the interior looks odd. The covers seem very wrinkly and not to fit correct.
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    NOT MINE 1971 sport fury GT .....Clone

    Still for sale it seems Log into Facebook
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    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 , Red Deer Alberta $ 26,500

    Alberta (the province Red Deer is in) has always had a lot of oil money and the 70's where a boom. Crosstown Motors in Edmonton which is a few hours north of Red Deer sold a lot of high dollar Mopar products back in the day even more so considering the population at the time.
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    NOT MINE 1965 Dodge Monaco

    What's the box on the bottom of the parcel tray seen from the trunk?
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    NOT MINE 1965 Dodge Monaco

    I keep wanting another/different car then my current 67' Belvedere. I can't afford 2 cars so the b-body would have to go and its always a tough choice to sell. Plus I have no idea how to value a car like that I find the c body world is a tough to figure values in.
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    NOT MINE 1965 Dodge Monaco

    I texted the guy this morning. Car sold for full price he said. 77000 original miles looks like a full load power seats, windows, A/C, Tach, console, buckets and looks like AM/FM
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    NOT MINE 1965 Dodge Monaco

    My buddy tells me I’m nuts and it’s only a $2500 car and not that rare in the US. I think he’s wrong but no idea on #s
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    NOT MINE 1965 Dodge Monaco

    I keep telling myself I don't need it. I think the price is a little high I have no idea on the value as its rare. Even to get it sorted and reliable without getting into the cosmetics it's going to get pricy assuming the engine is any good. Its sounds like its dry seized (hopefully) to me...
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    NOT MINE 1965 300L 4-Speed.

    Round 2 for this one. It was up a few months ago. Makes me wish I was any good at body work