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  1. Shamu70

    Bulb Sockets

    Hi guys. Replacing the tail light bulbs, 3 of the 4 brake bulbs came out glass only. Having a heck of a time getting the metal backed out; which tool is best or another idea?
  2. Shamu70

    Dragging brakes

    Clean…. because I was always filling it. Leaked at the booster.
  3. Shamu70

    Dragging brakes

    It is. I noticed when I put it on that some kind of nut is on the end of the rod; I assume it can be turned.
  4. Shamu70

    Dragging brakes

    Hey guys. Last fall I put on a new master cylinder on the 70 Newport. It’d been converted to front disc brakes before I got the car, so I knew about the different sized resovoirs. Things have been fine until my last 2 drives; it’s only when I back into the garage that there’s a dragging problem...
  5. Shamu70

    mixing hp and non hp manifolds

    Just last night I bought a passenger side HP manifold from Tony’s Parts; did not know they were prone to cracking.
  6. Shamu70

    Vacuum Advance

    I shouldn’t have said stronger. The engine responds quicker & really likes to reach rpm faster. At the cost of I don’t know what.
  7. Shamu70

    Vacuum Advance

    Hello again. Refresher on vacuum advance? My car runs stronger with it disconnected, but I don’t want to hurt anything.
  8. Shamu70

    Master Cylinder Function

    When bench bleeding my new one, I notice that the piston stroke is quite short, like a bit less than an inch; normal?
  9. Shamu70

    Oil Leak

    Oh, yummy.. crow. Yeah, ok. So that oil under the car was caused by leaving the drain pan underneath & it got kicked, I now remember. Getting older comes with some mental lapses at times. Alright, on to bleeding the master, installing & bleeding the system.
  10. Shamu70

    Oil Leak

    Thank you, very much appreciated as always men.
  11. Shamu70

    Oil Leak

    That sounds like what I have, small magnet sticking out at the tip. Scared me the 1st time I used it & saw a shaving on it; because I cross threaded. I’m sure it was metal from the pan.
  12. Shamu70

    Oil Leak

    Or I’ll just unscrew the plug & let some out. About that drain plug, it’s a replacement. AND I think it might be cross threading; maybe the seal isn’t there. Going early before work tomorrow to let it idle & watch.
  13. Shamu70

    Oil Leak

    Hi guys. I overfilled last time I changed the oil by about a quart. Didn’t notice until yesterday that there’s some under the car. It’s off the road while I fix the brakes, but I still start it every week & let it idle/small revs. Is it bad (obviously) to run it with a quart over?
  14. Shamu70

    Sport Fury GT or Chrysler 300 Hurst

    A 70 Hemi Fury GT……Jeez!
  15. Shamu70

    Disc Brake Master Cylinder On 70 Newport

    So I have to get a new one; no experience with brakes. Is it just a matter of unbolting, unscrewing lines & reversing the process? And where are the bleeding valves on the wheel? Thank you for any advice.
  16. Shamu70

    70 Newport Base.

    Sighhhh, I like your car a lot. And the console even more……..and the interior……..
  17. Shamu70

    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    I wanted to go, we have to go to a family reunion.
  18. Shamu70

    Hub Cap Choice

    Wickedly cool RB Stroker Newport!
  19. Shamu70

    Hub Cap Choice

    I’m happy to report that my car is MUCH more powerful than a 300H; hence the rwl and topic. And again, I know we all have our opinions about wheel/tire combos. But I just love getting you guys going. ✌️