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  1. Marv

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY.

    color is b5 blue which was a factory color. But apparently it´s been repainted and either very bad or in a somehow matte finish which of course is wrong. I would very closely inspect for bondo and rust. Front seats are redone, you can see that the leather is also kinda matte and not as shiny as...
  2. Marv

    My 1973 Imperial coupe

    First 600 miles in the book. Temperature gauge failed but that was a $10 2 minutes fix. Otherwise the car is doing great almost as it's happy to be back on the road.
  3. Marv

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY.

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY. it´s back, only $1.800. Try to find a 2 door that´s not completely rotten for less. You won´t. 1973 Chrysler imperial Vancouver WA; Runs and moves good start for project it does neet a soft plug i think . I'm open to offers or...
  4. Marv

    Mopar Spring Fling 2024 Stade, Germany pictures

    Worth noting is that the golden 300 as well as the Newport are Tortoise grain cars. Moreover the yellow 72 Imperial is a factory sunroof car
  5. Marv

    Does Anyone Have an NOS or Really Good Backup Light Assembly for a 1972-3 Imperial

    Seems like George is still in business. I hope his health is getting better
  6. Marv

    300-H HURST nerd stuff...

    #233 - 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Edition No door tag shown for this one. Auctions off mid May no reserve
  7. Marv

    NOT MINE 1973 Chrysler Newport 2dr - $3,500 (York) PA

    @Lycidias you should go for it and drive your neighbors crazy :lol:
  8. Marv

    The Car Dealers Saw To Introduce New Models

    odd story. very early built yes but those demonstrator cars had the purpose to show all the options one could order. For a "demo for the dealer" car I would think it should at least have alle the features that were new for the 68 model. This is a low optioned Crown, not even a LeBaron. My best...
  9. Marv

    My neighbor ruined my plans

    great. Murray should better write an invoice over $1200,- so you can press some out of that sucker and be sure to have your expenses (paint, working hours etc) covered. I would see it as compensation for suffering :lol:
  10. Marv

    Rare 1972 Imperial restoration!

    Wow I didn't know that, I figure it's good to have them next to each other. That reveals some finer details that are different. I also reckon that you're right concerning the emission stuff...
  11. Marv

    Rare 1972 Imperial restoration!

    The 73 can be viewed as a face lift to use a modern term. Structural things are the same, just very few minor changes have been made (e.g. different grille, different trail light lenses, better sounds deadening/ insulation for 73. The all new chromoter clock). So 5x5 bolt pattern is still valid...
  12. Marv

    1969 VIP - hardtop or fastback

    The Barracuda is a fastback with the roofline starting at the a pillar and ending at or very close to the edge of the rear. The Fury is a coupe with a huge trunk.
  13. Marv

    My new to me 1971 Paisley Imperial

    congrats from Oldenburg, will you bring it to the Spring Fling in Stade? This 4 door has been for sale for quite a while on Kleinanzeigen. The Paisley top makes it unique, I think there´s also a registry for paisley top cars
  14. Marv

    Thinking of starting a you tube channel

    Since I´m a gen Y ( born in 1990 is that gen Y ??) 80% of my TV consumption is YouTube. The rest is streaming via Netflix or live sports like NFL. My advice is get yourself a decent microphone. No matter how interesting the content is I´ll shut the video down if the mic is garbage. Wind noise...
  15. Marv

    Does Anyone Have an NOS or Really Good Backup Light Assembly for a 1972-3 Imperial

    I also confirm my order for one piece. I'm located in Germany, maybe it would make sense to bundle our order to make things easier for George and save some shipping/custom costs. I figure @Joerg you could ship mine onwards to me and I pay you or the other way round ... I'm sure we can make that...
  16. Marv

    Does Anyone Have an NOS or Really Good Backup Light Assembly for a 1972-3 Imperial

    how are things progressing? Or are they progressing at all? 1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY. It seems on the pictures that this parts car has a car back up light assembly
  17. Marv

    I have a confession to make…

    The manual is the base you need to understand and fix it. But in my case(and I figure in most of our cars) the system has been messed with. It's bypassed and I've just a switch that is off/highest fan speed on hottest temp. I think many systems have been messed with since the original design was...
  18. Marv

    I have a confession to make…

    Following your progress on on the ATC2. Thank you for the pictures, I'll use them when I'm fixing mine
  19. Marv

    Imperials on display.

    great stories. I saw this video in various facebook groups, hopefully next this year they´ll have twice as much cars there !
  20. Marv

    Welcome, 71 Imperial

    neat car. 71 coupes are very rare. You seem to have a nice fleet, welcome on board