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  1. Justin Plant

    Timing issue 70 Polara

    A lean condition will idle fast. Turn your screws out a quarter turn and see what happens.
  2. Justin Plant

    What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

    I see two Chevy truck cabs, was it gas or diesel?
  3. Justin Plant

    Ignition question, 1977 Royal Monaco

    Keep one in the glove box. : )
  4. Justin Plant

    Ignition question, 1977 Royal Monaco

    Ignition Module Ballast resistor The first two things that come to mind
  5. Justin Plant

    Question on V belts

    Way back when belts were machine measured and not quite accurate. So, the manufactures would measure by hand certain part numbers and when they had two the same size they would "match" the set. Now belts are laser cut. Way more accurate. So the whole matched set thing is basically null and void.
  6. Justin Plant

    Starter testing

    Advance used to do AMP draw testing while the starter was on the car. If you requested a full starting and charging system test. I left 5 years ago. Their new policy is they no longer do it. Since Covid A LOT of their "customer service" policies have changed or were eliminated completely. You...
  7. Justin Plant

    What is happening when a brake cylinder retracts slowly causing the brakes to drag?

    old hardware? Spring tension could be gone if they're old....
  8. Justin Plant

    76-78 new Yorker front bumper

    that looks more Coupe de ville than Chrysler
  9. Justin Plant

    Calling C Body A/C Gurus 66 New Yorker

    Generally the low side pressure is the vent temperature or damn close, the high side, if I recall, is outside temp + about 140 degrees. You need to be pulling as much air through the condenser as the factory intended for every thing to work, you have to remove the heat or nothing will read...
  10. Justin Plant

    Only 29.95!

    It sure looks like they painted right over the B U I C K on the hood
  11. Justin Plant

    What do the leak down numbers mean with 95psi applied?? 1957 301 v8

    With just 100 miles on your engine you may not have enough "break in" time on it. The rings may not have seated just yet. Drive it, put a few hundred miles on it. Go from there. If you can't drive it, jack up the *** end start it and let it run. Couldn't hurt.
  12. Justin Plant

    What did you do to your C-body today....

    ...a John Deer?
  13. Justin Plant

    AIR Conditioning Service

    Find and purchase a factory service manual, generally there's a supplement for ac if any were printed after the fact. Either will have the info you desire. There are several threads here and other Mopar sites that cover RV2 compressors, there are several styles. Lastly, R12 is EXPENSIVE and hard...
  14. Justin Plant

    1974 Fury II - Build Tread - (First build)

    Check out budget builds on You Tube. They recently posted a video on a 74 Monaco that's been sitting for many years. Different engine, but the premise and details should get you moving. You're almost certainly going to need a gas tank. Rock Auto is your friend, I bought and installed one on my...
  15. Justin Plant

    Steve Magnante selling his cars and house. (1962 Dodge Dart with police package)

    What's the average yearly income to live in Massachusetts? Please understand, I agree with you. However 74k seems a bit low for a New England state.
  16. Justin Plant

    I don’t think Steve Mags should have to sell his stuff

    maybe he did, spending 8 months in a hospital then a rehab clinic can't be cheap. plus he's not earning, so the monthly bills just keep coming in. the true cost of his medical stay must be in the millions. damn shame either way.
  17. Justin Plant

    Steve Magnante selling his cars and house. (1962 Dodge Dart with police package)

    Coverage, savings, credit cards, who knows. With the shear cost of just living, compounded with ALL that just keeps coming when your spend months on end in the hospital. I pray for him. I do agree, with all the industry "friends" you'd think someone would offer up. Of course we just don't know...
  18. Justin Plant

    58 plymouth

    looks like a day or two worth of detailing, a once over under hood and brakes and it will be ready for the road. well, it will almost certainly be more than that, but YouTube is full of videos where it all happens in thirty minutes. : )
  19. Justin Plant

    58 plymouth

    Having only ever seen a Belvedere in real life. All of the pictures I've seen of Furys all have the bumper wings. But, this one looks like they were never fitted.
  20. Justin Plant

    The pursuit special rides again

    my 400 only leaks from the right side as well. I took all the precautions and still weeps, seems to be coming out around the bolts. It's not bad enough for me to care. So I just check it periodically.