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    spark plug recommendation for a 70 440 TNT

    Not in my experience, unless it was an oil burner. In 1970, Dad bought two 1970 Pontiacs, one 455 4 bbl, one 400 2 bbl. The 455 needed tune ups pretty much as scheduled, every 12,000 miles and acted like it needed one. The 400 on the other hand would happily go 30,000 miles, running great...
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    spark plug recommendation for a 70 440 TNT

    And FWIW, Kmart also had "Fisk" stores, I have NO experience with them, mebbe they sold reconditioned plugs?
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    spark plug recommendation for a 70 440 TNT

    Not that I ever knew of. I only worked there from mid '73 to fall '74. What I remember most was $4.97 oil change specials. Every pre '69 Chevy in town showed up with four gaskets wedged under the adapter. :mad: And "people" who bought a side post battery to install at home who brought it...
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    2 BBL to 4 BBL conversion - linkages to change?

    Yes, no need to change cables. Factory may have used a different cable but the 2bbl cable works fine. If somebodies got one and willing to sell it, that's the way to go. IIRC, the 2bbl kickdown is too short, I think once we spliced in a short section? It didn't look as nice as a factory...
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    2 BBL to 4 BBL conversion - linkages to change?

    '69 started the fuselage era with the one piece kickdown linkage, no way it'll work on a slab side. IIRC, a bit of cutting and welding on my brothers '68 got it fitted up. Not as pretty as a factory 4 bbl piece, but it worked. Throttle cable and linkage can be adapted, don't recall sourcing...
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    SOLD 15x7 5x4-1/2 Chrysler road wheels.

    Yes, that's the 1967 Fury brochure page. I believe there's also some road wheel verbiage in the owners manual referencing tire changes. Something about the spare being a standard wheel instead of a road wheel? As has become common, I think of the later styled steel wheels as road wheels and...
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    1968 Chrysler 300 transmission oil leak

    I used to have problems with pan gaskets. They went away after I started using an inch pound torque wrench. It's a bit of a PITA as you have to go around several times to get them all tight at the same time. Still takes less time than doing it over, just make sure the pan is sufficiently flat...
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    1969 Chrysler T&C Question

    383 4 bbl & 440 350 HP were the only engine options, no TNT for wagons.
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    I'd own one of these Pontiac Catalina 1966

    Dad's car was a '70 Catalina, silver, black top, black interior, no A/C. After school the three of us in the front seat would take turns pushing the top button to put it down. Nobody could take more than a second or two with the finger on the button. Those little chrome buttons on the...
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    Question on Timing Marks on 440

    Turn it over another rotation and you'll have it.
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    Reproduction C Body Battery Cables?

    Following up, Found this, attached. I'm guessing the up to May 1968 means May 1969? Car was built March 18 1969, 318 is the SPD Suspect 2926797 is the correct number, concur?
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    Wanted to share my new ride with group. 68 VIP

    VIP = Very Important Plymouth. A trim package option that ran from '66 to '69 to try to compete with Chevy and Ford's new models, Caprice and LTD. As I recall sales weren't very good, kinda rare to see vs. numerous Caprice and LTD's (Lum Tee Dums) :poke: Wife had a '71...
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    1998 318 questions

    It is VERY different. Intakes don't swap, there is a carb manifold that will fit the magnum engine. The oil pan is one of the few things that's interchangeable if needed. 1998 I_think_still has the older mounts, I know they were there in 1997. Trans bolts up just like before. 318 magnum...
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    Vacuum style Automatic Speed Control systems question
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    What's The Cheapest You Remember A Gallon of Gas?

    Pretty much the same, Dad got it for 18.9¢ somewhere, don't remember where in his '61 Catalina Wagon. By the time I started driving pre OPEC, it was typically 30~35¢ / gallon. Been in Texas continuously since 1972 and don't have Clark / Sunoco stations, seems like I recall Clark having more...
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    1969 Console, woodgrain or not?

    Thank you David. FWIW, the pertinent portion of my VIN is CM279KC, 1969, 440 350 HP, Jefferson assembly plant. 318 is the SPD, March 24th, 1969 was the actual build date if memory serves. I can NOT remember where I got that date right now. :confused: 719884 - build sequence number I...
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    1969 Console, woodgrain or not?

    Looks just like mine. I'm now convinced it's completely original and in the original configuration. I'm going to guess this was done due to Chrysler's money problems at the time? The plastic knob was cheaper than the chrome and they saved a bit on each car leaving off the woodgrain?
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    I just bought this!

    That's a time machine! It takes me back to 1969 and 1970. Everyday cars just as they were then.
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    1969 Console, woodgrain or not?

    But it's NOT fluted, it's plain & smooth. See the pic below the video.