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  1. mikedrini

    Need Parking Lock Cover for 1965 Torqueflite Transmission.

    @Henrius try to contact Pat Blais via eBay. He's a seller of all things torqueflite and I think his handle is torqueflitepatty if I recall. He sold me some parts for my 64 NY pushbutton tranny.
  2. mikedrini

    1964 Tourqueflite 727 Fluid Leak

    Hey Bob, I have on my 64 NY and it's an o ring. I would suggest using a white marker to mark where the adjustment wheel is currently set, pull it out, some fluid will leak out, but most will be in the pan, replace the o ring and you should be all set.
  3. mikedrini

    1958 Dodge Coronet - Moving from Flathead to a V8

    I'm tuned in to this build if you go through with it, so kudos to you man. Love the use of the word "whilst" by the way.
  4. mikedrini

    Headers for 64 Dodge 880

    No problem. Not really to be honest, more for aesthetics than anything else. I do have an AFR gauge on mine that I drilled into the down pipe for the o2 sensor (not the shorty tubes). The gains in headers from what I've read are more for racers than street/strip cruisers, especially given our...
  5. mikedrini

    Headers for 64 Dodge 880

    Technically it is NOT a C body since the C body platform started in 65. Your 64 Dodge and my 64 Chrysler New Yorker are a unibody design. We get lumped in with the C body platforms for ease. As far as headers go, trust me, I've been down this road, and there aren't any. The only ways to go are...
  6. mikedrini

    Imperial Revival

    For any Imperial or VGG fans out there
  7. mikedrini

    Leed Brakes conversion

    Sorry @Welder guy but I'm too lazy to do an entire thread on it, but the gist of it is I originally converted my front to disc brakes (scarebird kit - and yes, there are some who like it, some who don't...such is life) to go along with the stock 383 and stock power brake booster, which worked...
  8. mikedrini

    Leed Brakes conversion

    I agree with @Big_John in that I tried their vacuum pump (not an entire conversion kit) and it was inconsistent at best. I could see it being useful if you were drag racing, but not cruising. I ultimately scrapped it in favor of hydroboost. The reason why? I put a big *** camshaft in my 440/505...
  9. mikedrini

    Mystery brake issue.

    You could try? But if you have a distribution block, I would say remove it and flush it with some brakleen. If you have a proportioning valve, there is a reset tool you can buy for a few bucks or you can use a small screwdriver. Not sure what you have, but you're most likely looking at having to...
  10. mikedrini

    Mystery brake issue.

    Have you checked the distribution block or proportioning valve, depending on which one you have? Could be partially plugged or maybe the proportioning valve needs to be reset?
  11. mikedrini

    My neighbor ruined my plans

    Ugh, sorry to hear that. Pain in the arse. Next time I'm en route to Milwaukee I can "accidentally" graze his truck with my truck.
  12. mikedrini

    My neighbor ruined my plans

    What a douchebag, I say drive it to Carlisle regardless and deal with the problem when you get back (if you can't deal with it before). You might be able to take the door right off and take it to a body guy and have him pull the dent out. Deal with the imperfections when you get back. Sorry for...
  13. mikedrini

    headers that fit? Or better exhaust manifolds?

    Hi performance manifolds are $$$. I have a 440 in my 64 NY that I bought truck style shorty headers for. They took a little finessing to fit between the control arm on the passenger side, but I'm happy with them. They're cheap on eBay and you can scuff and shoot them to get them to last longer...
  14. mikedrini

    Why was there a motor-mount change from '65 to '66 ?

    I'm sure someone has, but not everyone checks the site on a daily basis. You post it in the Gold Member section too?
  15. mikedrini

    1964 Custom 880 Brake light switch.

    Should be, I have a 64 NY and lots of the parts between a 64 880 and a 64 NY are interchangeable as I've come to find out
  16. mikedrini

    1964 Custom 880 Brake light switch.

    Here's a random one on eBay, but you can find them in other places without BRAKING (see what I did there?) the bank NOS Mopar 1964-66 B+C-Body Brake Light Switch | eBay
  17. mikedrini

    Mancini Orange box

    Ray @halifaxhops is a dizzy wizard, having purchased one from him for my 440/505. I do like Pertronix as well...simple, easy to hook up.
  18. mikedrini

    Update on 300 Clone project 1955 Windsor-300 clone beast

    Representing NH well Mike, nice work!
  19. mikedrini

    Adding drain plug to gas tank

    Yeah, got mine from Van's as well, Gas Tank -1964-1966 Imperial, 1963-1964 Chrysler, Dodge 880-Mod Tank