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    What is this called?

    That's the "B" Pillar trim. Start with Murray Park in Ohio.
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    Josh Gates and the Raiders of the Lost Production Records

    Again, not exactly true. As long as there are current main-frame computers that use giant rolls of tape, a program can be written for them to read any previous generation tape. That's how I found out there were 13 ' 70 JS27R
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    Josh Gates and the Raiders of the Lost Production Records

    The main flaw in that line of thinking is that you're assuming they separate records by platform. The SG30/31 reports do break down installation rates of options based on sales, but all cars for a particular model year are included in the report. So for someone to go through each report and...
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    Josh Gates and the Raiders of the Lost Production Records

    I'm about 100% positive they do have (or had) those records and choose not to use them to answer inquiries.
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    Pulling rear drum on my 57 Belvedere, which one?

    I bought my puller that looks exactly like this (except without the fancy storage box). Install it. Tighten everything up and wind the center screw in as far as you can. If the drum still won't come off, a good whack on the end of the center screw with a sledge will pop it off and sound like...
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    Just bought a 78 New Yorker

    802 is the body frame date. 811 is the BUILD date of the car.
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    Question about a stuck 326 Dodge engine

    Leaving the plugs out for years has probably done a really good job of seizing the rings to the bores. Years ago I bought a '56 Dodge with a 315 that was seized. (Basically same engine with .050" smaller bores). Two rod bearings had welded themselves to one pin. Some moron had used adhesive...
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    NOT MINE 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco 2dr Brougham, Diplomat Package - Project - $4,200 - Augusta, ME

    If this car has a tilt column, I have a warehouse full of Vipers.
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    NOT MINE 71 Plymouth Sport Suburban Wagon Alberta Canada

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 46 that somebody wrote "YES" across the order form. What a piece!
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    Josh Gates and the Raiders of the Lost Production Records

    Thanks for digging that up John. Couldn't have said it better myself. Oh wait, I DID say it!!!!!!!!!!! People who post stuff like "This ' 71 'Cuda in banana yellow is one of TWO built with a 340 and a 4speed are COMPLETELY full of ****! Chrysler didn't track cars by colour and powertrain...
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    Josh Gates and the Raiders of the Lost Production Records

    I have explained this so many times before I refused to write it all out again. Somebody needs to find the old post and stick it here too. A whole lot of nonsense in some of the posts above. No fire. No flood. Not "Lost" in the sense they were misplaced. I've had several chats with Brandt...
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    WPC Club International Meet August 6 -11, 2024 Windsor Ontario

    The WPC Club invites all C body owners to our 2024 Annual Meet in Windsor Ontario Canada from August 6 - 11, 2024. The host hotel is Caesar's Windsor and we have the use of Festival Plaza on the waterfront at the Detroit River. Discounted room rates are available at Caesar's. If you live in...
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    '67 C body production info aka "How many?"

    Kudos to you for sharing this information. I have a number of years of those Ward's Annuals, and when you go through them carefully, you realize that what they're printing is Calendar Year information, not model year information. So it's not exactly useless, but almost. The earliest SG30s I'm...
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    NOT MINE 1976 NYB

    WTF is a "Safe Point Inpsection" and why is it $400 bucks? Lots and lots of kitchy stuff done to the car, which, thankfully can mostly be undone. Further posters speculation is likely correct. There's no front bumper rubber bits at the outer ends on cars built for the Great White North...
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    Questions on timing chain and oil slinger

    I put a double roller chain and CNC machined gears in a /6. At certain RPMs when the engine is at maximum torque, I can hear the cam gear ring very gently. I love the sound.
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    This is hilarious! Why on earth would anyone want to take out the original torsion bar suspension to put in a variation of the bent-bar front end design from Fbodies? The whole thing is going to be riding in four pucks. If they're rubber, they're going to squirm and that makes for some really...
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    Ever see brake booster like this?

    This type of booster was used a lot in the early '60s by Chrysler because it could be mounted anywhere, and as you can see it pushes the fluid itself and not the brake pedal. It's also commonly used on school buses that don't have air brakes.
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    My new to me 1971 Paisley Imperial

    Any idea who put that vinyl top on? Chrysler sure as hell didn't.
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    Brakes creaking? What's the spring the encircles the drum for ? 57 Belvedere

    That spring is a vibration dampener. If it's not there the brake drum can howl like a banshee.