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  1. 1966300sleeper

    Mathilda, Our Lovely 66 Newport, Wantonly DESTROYED by a Gen Xcrement Sociopath!

    Hey there Gerald, sorry to here about the unfortunate circumstances you find yourself in , I just wanted to chime in and say if you need them , I have a hood hood , radiator support and maybe an ok fender that would help put your car back on the road! I’ve not been on this site for a while now...
  2. 1966300sleeper

    66 Chrysler 300 4 door parts car.

    Sorry for not posting sooner been putting a roof on the shop, Just to let you know I received the speedo! Many thanks ,not worried about the scratch it will polish out And if not I have another glass!
  3. 1966300sleeper

    66 Chrysler 300 4 door parts car.

    Is the speedometer still available? If so what are you asking for it? Also need the gear position pointer assembly below speedo! I think it’s attached? Need the complete assembly many thanks in advance! Also need a shipping price! I’m located in northern Utah
  4. 1966300sleeper

    The best way to patch and seal a hole in vinyl roof

    The best way to repair your roof is to take an impression of the texture of the roof with modeling clay, cut a circle around the tear, lay just the right amount of non shiny rtv just proud of the vinyl top then lay the modeling clay over the top to give you the correct texture leave for a day...
  5. 1966300sleeper

    For Sale Not Mine : 66 Newport w/65K miles

    As regards to the coronageddon! With lack of toilet paper in the world I thought it was turdogeddon!! That being said! It seems to really freak people out when they see a c body driving around in these uncertain times! I enjoy it every day!
  6. 1966300sleeper

    For Sale Not Mine : 66 Newport w/65K miles

    I’m glad to here this is not a parts car! Many of these lovely old cars have gone to the boneyard in the sky! And what with them being a finite resource it’s good to here this one will be saved! Best of luck with the clean up!
  7. 1966300sleeper

    For Sale Not Mine : 66 Newport w/65K miles

    I can’t believe anyone would want to part this car out! It’s too nice! Someone please step up and this one as a whole! Wish I had a place to put it! What a Beaut!!
  8. 1966300sleeper

    From FB - Not Mine.

    that’s funny!
  9. 1966300sleeper

    From FB - Not Mine.

    That’s the problem isn’t it!! We generally don’t get to here about them! Only when it’s too late! On a positive note, the expensive and difficult to find trim grill and other parts have been offered for sale , so on a better note thanks for that!
  10. 1966300sleeper

    From FB - Not Mine.

    another awesome car wasted! What a shame, it’s beyond words Really! I don’t understand how they find all the good cars! Sad days indeed!
  11. 1966300sleeper

    1970 Chrysler Newport Cordoba

    Nice car!! glad you found it and gave it a good home!
  12. 1966300sleeper

    Remembering Pearl Harbor

    The greatest generation!! Many gave up their tomorrow’s for our today! They may be gone ,but shall never be forgotten!!! We salute you!! And thank you!!!
  13. 1966300sleeper

    Comment by '1966300sleeper' in item 'Abandoned In Garage'

    Superb car!! Is it that unfeasably dark blue that looks black? Until you catch it the right light! Anyhow hope you enjoy it! Well done fellas!!!!
  14. 1966300sleeper

    Straightening spring wire (music wire) for seat pads

    Ian ashamed to mention Wally World! They just sell the burlap, unfortunately there is no wire woven in, my mistake , sorry if that has caused a problem, I haven’t used spring wire in my seats, am thinking about importing English old school fuse wire!
  15. 1966300sleeper

    Just a little video

    Sounds great!!!
  16. 1966300sleeper


    Wow! What a nice collection of awesome machinery!!
  17. 1966300sleeper

    Straightening spring wire (music wire) for seat pads

    I was almost embarrassed to mention Wally World, they seem to represent everything that’s wrong with society, it’s such a shame that as the mom and pop stores close down , people seem to forget about the not too distant past! Anyway t least we can still get some of the old school materials, at...