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  1. 67-Fury

    WHAT ? Another 61 Fury restroation......

    There can't be to many 61 plymouths that get restored, let alone to this quality. Just beautiful.
  2. 67-Fury

    Transmission Fluid

    How many quarts per just a filter change. 5?
  3. 67-Fury

    My 1970 Dodge Polara 9 passenger.

    Wyatt, how many vehicles of yours are left and how is polara Dave doing???
  4. 67-Fury

    Gas Monkey gets a Three Hundred.

    You wanna be starting something, Carm? Lol
  5. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE A wagon with a stick

    Someone should buy that, not touch a damn thing on the appearance. No queer scoops. No after market wheels, no racing seats. No paint job. Nada. and put a really hot Small block in it. With some low gears, and go spank the **** out of some people with their prized 60, 70k Cars.
  6. 67-Fury

    Gas Monkey gets a Three Hundred.

    Rawlings is just another, Fevered ego tainting our collective unconscious. With that being said though, I'm well aware IL probably never be as successful as he is. No, I am not better then him. And by me saying he's a *******, that ain't gonna make me feel better about myself either. I am just a...
  7. 67-Fury

    65 4-speed polara wagon

    Wow, my first thread. I remember someone actually posted pictures of the car I was talking about. I'm sure someone still has to have them saved. It was a red wagon. White hurst 4 speed handle.
  8. 67-Fury

    Wyatt is selling out

    Still one of the coolest 5 minutes of my life.
  9. 67-Fury

    Wyatt is selling out

    There is more to life then old cars. I know, I know. The horror! Dont get me wrong, I am as passionate as most of you guys but at the end of the day, they are just material things. I'm sure he put enough thought Into this.
  10. 67-Fury

    2023 Dodge Hornet

    I'm sorry but that thing is just Gay. I'd be embarrassed to show that off. It looks like every other Suv/Blob on the road today. The modern world seems to be really big on being derivative and not aiming for any sort of originality. Cars, music, movies, people. Etc.
  11. 67-Fury

    For Sale Sending Unit

    This is a good community.
  12. 67-Fury

    For Sale Sending Unit

    This came out of a 67 Fury. Pretty sure it's original. Looks to be in fair condition. How about 30 bucks plus shipping.
  13. 67-Fury

    SOLD Mirada Wheels

    Sale Pending.
  14. 67-Fury

    SOLD Mirada Wheels

    I have these 2, fairly nice 15x7 Mirada wheels. Bit dirty but should clean up decent. I would like 80 bucks for both. I also have another 2, to make a full set, however they aren't as nice but still very usable.
  15. 67-Fury

    New to me 1971 Polara 2dr custom

    My heart longs for reading, Polara Dave's enthusiastic response for this car. Sigh...
  16. 67-Fury

    Mike66Chryslers pics from Carlisle 2022

    I'm sure some Richard Rawlings type guy with deep pockets would love a cherry, Plane jane E body like this to Resto mod so he can sell it for a high number at some auction and for the car to spend the rest of it's life in and out of huge private collections like it's some sort of Micheal Jordon...
  17. 67-Fury

    Mike66Chryslers pics from Carlisle 2022

    Dare I say it, that /6 challenger is cooler then most of the clones, tributes, or High performance models you typically see. How many came that way from the factory then factor In how many got that Slanty pulled within the first 10 years of the cars life. Love odd ball cars.
  18. 67-Fury

    SOLD 67-68 C body Dash pad

    Yes I still have it. I cleared some room