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  1. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    Commando 1--- Did you use the Schumaker A body to BB mounts? As I mentioned I have a set I was thinking at one time of using in a C body but nobody could tell me for sure if they would fit or work. Just curious how you did it.
  2. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    No idea where you could find the parts. Out west here, frames survive quite well. But they have mostly gone to the crusher too. Good luck on the search.
  3. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    Since I was asked, here goes. I suspect the location of the frame mounts would be the same in any of the body styles. But, I don't know that for a fact. Yes the engine mounts I'm sure are different between them. I was going to take my chances, but then gave up on the whole big block swap. I...
  4. gyknot

    1967 Fury III 4-door Hardtop - left rear window

    How soon would you need it? I have a 67 Fury III 4dr hdtp parts car but it is in snow as well. It would likely be a couple of months before I would consider pulling parts. I'm just north of Spokane, Wa. so it's not exactly close.
  5. gyknot

    1968 New Yorker Valuation and opinions needed

    If the other side looks as straight as the side showing, AND there is little rust, I'm thinking that is a 2500-3000 car easily if it runs and drives. Stuff like this always shows up when I'm broke (which is most of the time) or I'd seriously consider it for a driver. Let us know how this turns...
  6. gyknot

    Will an electric impact wrench give satisfactory results vs air wrench?

    I've been very unimpressed with corded impact wrenches. My cordless harbor freight "hercules" 1/2 impact amazed the crap out of me. Now that I have it, I rarely use my air impact anymore. I was going to buy a Milwaukee or Dewalt, but after reading a lot of reviews I tried the Hercules. I am...
  7. gyknot

    Prestolite or Chrysler distributor (visual ID without removal from engine) 318 small block

    Reference a timing light, you don't need it at all. Just look where the rotor is pointing and pull it out. Don't turn the engine over while its out and it just goes right back in, in exactly the same spot. Chrysler distributors can only go in two ways. Correct, or 180 degrees off. I realize you...
  8. gyknot

    1964 rear end swap

    Have you ever considered slotting the hole in the pad with a carbide grinder? They cut steel very well. I've never done it and not sure its an option, but seems it would be better than putting things into a bind.
  9. gyknot

    1964 rear end swap

    Keep in mind, the Imperial will have a different wheel bolt circle. I'm sure there is something better than doing that.
  10. gyknot

    Tighten flex plate

    With that much play and the converter bolts are tight, I suspect you will have front seal or pump issues. Hopefully I am wrong. Whoops. I see you have it unbolted now. I'd still be very suspicious of seal issues if it was that loose.
  11. gyknot

    Tighten flex plate

    I've removed the crossmember without messing with the torsion bars before, but you have to "pry" things back into place upon reinstalling the crossmember. It can be done, but probably not the best way. I'm more curious as to how the flex plate bolts got loose in the first place. I've never seen...
  12. gyknot

    727 3rd Gear Drum Cracks

    I've never seen that before but then again I've only refreshed a couple transmissions in my time. I think the answer is evident. If its cracked where it aint supposed to be, replace it for sure.
  13. gyknot

    Car stalled on me the other evening

    I once had a 68 fury that would periodically die and not restart. Then an hour or day later it would and run fine. It was an intermittent and annoying problem. Turned out the filter sock in the fuel tank had torn open, and the line would suck up a bunch of crap in the tank until it choked off...
  14. gyknot


    I've seen a few like that. Not sure what they were out of though. I always thought it was some sort of vibration damper setup. I've removed them and never had an issue yet.
  15. gyknot

    Accessory ???

    The one I used to have was 6v. Cool, but I sold it online years ago.
  16. gyknot

    Reconditioned 452 heads. What upgrades should I consider?

    If you do decide it needs a valve job, have the stock heads rebuilt. All stock with hardened seats. The seats are almost a standard upgrade anymore when having heads done. With the stock 383, you don't need any upgrades. Using your original heads keeps your compression right where it should be.
  17. gyknot

    Bastardized 1959 "Coronet" build

    I wish I had that kind of vision and talent to pull something like this off. Usually I'm not a fan of customs, but this is just too cool.
  18. gyknot

    64K Sonic Ram motor value?

    413--You are right and I was thinking of the cross ram.
  19. gyknot

    64K Sonic Ram motor value?

    My question is why are you being told it can't be put into a 63 Sort Fury? The cars were available with big blocks and ram equipped engines.
  20. gyknot

    Oil pump relief valve

    I agree its easy to get to and change, but 25 psi is more than enough oil pressure too. I realize most people seem to like to see 40-60 psi but its not needed. Just my 2 cents worth.