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  1. chipieal

    What is your daily driver?

    1978 Buick Riviera and a 2001 Lincoln Town car
  2. chipieal

    NOT MINE 1971 Plymouth fury gran coupe $7,000

    I always wanted a 70. they were in a really beautiful Chocolate Brown. Very elegant. Drove one with the 383 - 2 barrel 8.7 to 1 Compression ratio. i always assumed this vehicle to have a 3:23 Sure Grip as it Really hauled.
  3. chipieal

    1971 Imperial

    Just for your information - my dad bought a 1971 LeBaron 4 door and did what he always did took out the back seat - had double rods put horizontally and put approximately 900 lbs of clothing samples in the back seat and trunk. He travelled 50,000 mile s year like this and did it for 2 years when...
  4. chipieal

    Remember the Price is Right Program that Aired on TV in the 60's??

    The ridiculous part about the letter cars was that optioned correctly they were more than an Imperial. I also wonder what the lady who won would do the first time she put it to the floor at 40 mph? That is were the long rams developed there maximum torque. Nick on Nicks garage dynoed a 63 short...
  5. chipieal

    Dodge 880 questions and performance

    Several things 1) The name of the movie was "it's a Mad, Mad, Mad World." 2) I am old enough to remember these pre- 65 Mopars. If driven reasonably sanely (which most people do anyway) they were utterly reliable and great handling cars in stock form. For the observant members among you, my...
  6. chipieal

    NOT MINE Win a 1964 Dodge Custom 880 convertible

    You got to love our supposed free society. Anything they can do to remind us of their grasp at total control they will do - down to taxing your dreams. I am glad i am 76. I would have loved to win this Dodge.
  7. chipieal

    What is your daily driver?

    01 Lincoln Town Car ans 1 78 Buick Rivera.
  8. chipieal

    NOT MINE Win a 1964 Dodge Custom 880 convertible

    My first real car was a 64 Newport. i much rather preferred the 880
  9. chipieal

    Anyone want to discuss This??

    As you can tell by the picture of my beloved 64 Imperial. i am a 60's Mopar guy. Not those overpowered stupid B abd E bodies but the full size Chryslers for which the wedge engine was originally designed for.
  10. chipieal

    1969-1973 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Brougham?

    Are you sure it was a fuselage era and not a 76 - to 78 NYB?
  11. chipieal

    Sport Fury GT or Chrysler 300 Hurst

    Since I LOVE road cars Thr Hurst
  12. chipieal

    140 mile road trip

    I assume that is a 61 Newport not a Windsor? I had a used 61 newport many years ago and it was fast!
  13. chipieal

    What is your daily driver?

    I am sorry to say mine is a 2001 Lincoln Town car. My wife's is a 1978 Buick Riviera. My 64 Crown (pictured at left) was sold several years ago to pay doctor bills. Does this mean I have to leave this site? LOL
  14. chipieal

    I just don't understand... Just what is a 1963 Chrysler, anyway?

    Anybody try to explain what a 63 Pacesetter is.? While explaining try the 64 Siler Anniversary.
  15. chipieal

    Anyone want to discuss This??

    Pure and Simple. My dad drove Imperials from 1956 to 1973. In 76 he bought a NYB. I have had two Newports and a NYB St Regis in thriple dove gray. I wish Chrysler still made real cars rather than unafforable ones and electric cars (from Chrysler)?
  16. chipieal

    69-71 Imperial photo harvest

  17. chipieal

    SOLD 1973 Chrysler New Yorker, Original, Triple Pickel $9800

    My ex father in Law had a 70 in that color combination.
  18. chipieal

    Lookie what I spotted at C&C today!

    Ah DeSotos. My favorite. Especially the 56
  19. chipieal

    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Maybe it is the car. Not many people have the respect we have for Imperials.
  20. chipieal

    Im looking at buying a 63 newport have lots of questions

    Whoever said that a final drive ration would make the 361 2 barrel come alive is quite correct. I drove a 64 through the mid 60's sold it and bought a 61. The only difference was the axle ratio. 64 had a 2:76 61 had a 2:93 O- 60 for the 64 was around 11 seconds whereas the 61 was regularly...