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  1. sprice

    Coolant temp again

    I purchased had a 440 in a Dart a couple years ago. Poorly maintained by previous owner. Black sludge and slimy (maybe stop-leak) type material in the rad. I flushed that for over and an hour (with car running). Still disgusted with the results. Could not see any signs of bubbling in the...
  2. sprice

    Exhaust manifold sealer

    Big John, I have read about the exhaust manifold studs going into the water jacket however mixed readings on exactly which studs. I have read at times its only the end ones. Would be nice to set this straight for next rebuild. Would you know the answer to this on 440 heads? Thanks.
  3. sprice

    Negative Battery Cable - Aftermarket - "Off the shelf"?

    I guess if this is a one time need, this might not be for you. I have a farm and about 7 classic cars in the works so I make my own cables. You can get the terminals with a solder pot you drop in, heat and it seals terrifically, then heat shrink to seal it up again. Cheaper than trying to find...
  4. sprice

    Recommendations for waxing/protectant on 68' 300 Grill

    I posted some photos above. I am very pleased on how the center section turned out. The corner extensions, not so. I will post on the job once it's complete and back together.
  5. sprice

    Recommendations for waxing/protectant on 68' 300 Grill

    I have almost completed in my recondition/paint of the 300 grill. Going on about 12 hours and 80% done, not wanting to do this again. Oil based paints applied. An effective traditional wax and buff would be difficult due to the corners and small spaces. Given the intricate design, was...
  6. sprice

    WANTED WTB: Rear Bumper 1968 Imperial

    In case you cannot find a used one to your liking, and depending on your quality needs rating, a good re-chroming shop will repair dings and restraighten your original (to a point) Not cheap, but an option.
  7. sprice

    For Sale 1966 Monaco 500 Part Out

    Did I miss a price for the car or is it a parts offer?
  8. sprice

    58 Coronet taking on a hell climb.

    Some sway bars on the rear would do wonders. Very cool however.
  9. sprice

    low vacuum 383

    Could you not move the number one cylinder (and then others of course) plug wire to left or right? This should change the clocking of the distributor without needing to change the rad hose.
  10. sprice

    For Sale 73 NYer

    Would be interested in the CHRYSLER lettering if they are sale.
  11. sprice

    vintage pics of women & cars

    Saw an article recently she is still driving a Harley at like 81 years. She likes speed she she says. Go girl!
  12. sprice

    Any opinions on Liquid Tape?

    Thanks for the response Ross. Don't know why I haven't come across this before. Suggestion noted.
  13. sprice

    Any opinions on Liquid Tape?

    Ordered the 3m Matte Black. Will give it a go. Thank you.
  14. sprice

    SOLD Steering rag joints (Land Rover) for C bodies.

    73' Imperial? Look the same on Rock Auto.
  15. sprice

    SOLD Steering rag joints (Land Rover) for C bodies.

    What year Mopar would these be for?
  16. sprice

    Unusual Steering problem

    Beautiful car. Could be they attempted to adjust the steering box slack past limit and caused it to bind thus pressure on the pump. ????
  17. sprice

    Any opinions on Liquid Tape?

    Big John, is this s special outdoor type of vinyl? Where would one get this?
  18. sprice

    Uncle Tony is not happy!

    I remember years ago when Harley Davidson was struggling to survive, maybe still are, mentioned at the time (before covid), that this younger generation is not even interested in driving never mind in buying bikes. I have a hard time thinking this new generation would ever see this new Charger...
  19. sprice

    Any opinions on Liquid Tape?

    Have been trying to repaint the black insert lines on my 68’ 300 grill. Have tried a liquid tape product called Peel-tek with no success. Doesn't trim worth a darn. Have tried lightly brushing and then heavier. Seems to come off in pieces or in strands. Anybody had any success with this...