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  1. Darkrapid

    69 Fury I 440 Pursuit (ex Cochise Cty., AZ Sheriff Dept.)

    Sorry. I haven't been on the forum in a long time. Glad to see it finally made it to you! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with it. It's interesting that Germany won't allow you to register it as it appears.
  2. Darkrapid

    Wagon EFI

    Very cool! I want to do this to my wagon as well but prefer an in tank pump. Don't know what system I will end up going with when I do. On my wife's 71 Chevelle we went with Fast EZ EFI and used the kit supplied frame mounted pump. We had cavitation issues and it was so noisy that we scrapped...
  3. Darkrapid

    1970 Plymouth Fury II Junkyard Find

    Yes this is a bad idea. At one time I was going to put in 4 amps totaling 1600W in mine. The factory 65amp alt could not handle 4 amplifiers pulling 150amps at full draw. Add 2 more batteries and 4 capacitors to buffer the load on the factory electrical system but it still needs to charge those...
  4. Darkrapid

    SOLD 69-71 Fury or Suburban: passenger front-door WTD

    Gas pedal goes there. I'm sure I have that too.
  5. Darkrapid

    SOLD 69-71 Fury or Suburban: passenger front-door WTD

    Here are the photos, BTW radiator is long gone.
  6. Darkrapid

    SOLD 69-71 Fury or Suburban: passenger front-door WTD

    You bought the Police car in Tucson AZ. I'm in Phoenix a few hours away and we could talk. This is my parts wagon 1970 Sport Suburban.
  7. Darkrapid

    70 Suburban in a yard

    I had grabbed a parts car for mine and the body is a little beat but the parts I need are on it. I took all the moldings off and have many others I have gathered over the years. So many that I have a cheat sheet written down of what is in great shape and what is repairable and what needs to be...
  8. Darkrapid

    70 Suburban in a yard

    I can really use some of those moldings. Especially the drivers door upper molding right below the mirror.
  9. Darkrapid

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Yes, It is specific to the wagon and 4 door sedan. 2dr and convertible are different and available. Wagon/4dr has not been available for years from the aftermarket. Mine cracked years ago and I had to get a good used one from another car.
  10. Darkrapid

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Man! I could really use the interior and windshield from that!
  11. Darkrapid

    Well, this is bad.

    I have been were you are now. My 440 had 906 heads with 2.14 and 1.88 stainless valves, hardened seats and bronze guides. They were built back in 96 on my fresh 440 at the time. I was using the HP manifolds as well. Fast forward to 2011 and my heads developed the same cracks that yours have...
  12. Darkrapid

    71 fury 727 tranny

    If you are seeing a lot of particles in the fluid, it is time for a rebuild. If you flush you are removing the floating friction material. You flush it now and it will be worse.
  13. Darkrapid

    69 Sport Suburban part out.

    What shape are the rear interior panels in?
  14. Darkrapid

    Welcome Darkrapid to FCBO!

    Yes, That is my 71 Sport Suburban (looks like a 70) in the Avatar. It is the same one and is in primer (originally Sand Pebble Beige but was painted green by my dad). Progress is very slow as it is down and I have been slowly building a 512 stroker for it. Short block is now done but took me...
  15. Darkrapid

    Engine conversion help!

    What are your plans with your car? What shape is the current motor in? As others have said swapping to a big block gets expensive fast. Personally if everything is in good shape I would hop it up a little and enjoy it. Maybe swap to a 360. I would keep it a small block myself. The frame side of...
  16. Darkrapid

    WANTED Used Big Block Heads

    I read that thread and am really interested in that build. Are you building more than one motor? You have the Trick Flows on that motor.
  17. Darkrapid

    WANTED Used Big Block Heads

    I may have a set of 440 Source heads for sale. I haven't truly decided yet. They are at my machine shop now getting new guides and a fresh valve job. I bought them new march of 2010 and they have been great on my mild 440 in my wagon. It was not much of a daily driver but I drove it often...
  18. Darkrapid

    Any Wildwood Front Disc Conversion Users?

    Having an extra set of pads is a good idea! I did this with my S10 when I put aftermarket brakes on it (SSBC). I used them when needed but forgot to reorder them. When I needed a new set for the rear it became a pain to find them. Turns out my rear disc conversion uses pads from an 87 Turbo...
  19. Darkrapid

    Any Wildwood Front Disc Conversion Users?

    I'm very interested in the wildwoods as well but the 12.88 rotors and 6 piston calipers. I'm already running 17in wheels so they will fit and my parts wagon had it's discs donated to something and has drums brakes on the front now. So I have the drum spindles.