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    Burn out Polara

    Excellent work, what a fun video! Literally better than anything I've ever watched on Netflix.
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    Have a priest bless my car?

    Well now its a funny story, keep it just for laughs. Or you could just put it under the back seat for a future owner to find!
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    Have a priest bless my car?

    The doll belongs to the car, clean and restore doll for good luck. Christine and Chucky lol
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    57 belvedere

    The white handgrips on a deluxe 57 wheel have small raised bumps across the entire surface. I used to own a 57 belvedere with 120k miles on it. The upper front and sides were worn completly smooth, the bottom was worn about 60% and on the backside lower section (rarely gripped) the bumps were...