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    Fuel Guage not working

    Maybe an obvious question, and going by memory - did you re-install a good ground strap jumper from the sending unit, across the rubber fuel line, to the metal fuel line? the gauge won't work without a good ground strap connection...
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    R22 radio/8 track

    @1970300vert I tried to PM you, but your inbox was full. If you are still looking, I posted an AM 8 track for sale recently that should work for you, FYI.
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    Original Headlights?

    @MJFUR One more thing, if you are serious about brightening your headlights and helping improve a weak spot in Mopars of this era, look into installing headlight relays, so headlight voltage increases and headlight current goes more directly from the battery and alternator with less electrical...
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    Original Headlights?

    @MJFUR The halogens for sure are not correct / original. I'm no expert, but I would be surprised if there was a significant difference between the 4 headlight system on your 300 and other Chrysler products of the time, but I could be wrong. Assuming I'm right, check out discussions on some...
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    SOLD Budd 4 piston brake caliper hydraulic repair kits

    hemi71x, I responded to your PM, and updated my ad above. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Jim
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    SOLD Budd 4 piston brake caliper hydraulic repair kits

    As a result of an inquiry, I did a little more research and updated my original listing above. Several persons have reached out, the initial inquiry is what led to additional research. As the ad has been updated, I'll let everyone reconsider, and I will try to honor the order in which I...
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    SOLD Budd 4 piston brake caliper hydraulic repair kits

    UPDATE to ad listing below. In doing further research, these do NOT directly cross over to Mopar 2585298. The Mopar part number is for a caliper rebuild kit, which includes rubber parts but also extra parts, like a spring, a caliper piston ring, etc. These kits are hydraulic repair kits only...
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    Welcome, MoparJimNE

    Thank you for the welcome, appreciate it! I'm in the Omaha, NE area. I do not have a C-body at this time. I've had E-bodies (have one now), and in the family we've also had A and B bodies. As I get older I think about a move to a B or C body (comfort, sit upright more, more seat padding...
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    For Sale AM 8-Track Radios

    I have two C-Body AM 8 track radios for sale. Shipping from Omaha, Nebraska. Sorry, I'd prefer to ship to US locations only. Radio #1 is Part number 2884544, AM 8 track. 1970 Chrysler full size applications, including for 300 - please verify your application. Unknown working condition, most...