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  1. Joesportfury

    New Member, New Polara

    Sorry try
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    New Member, New Polara
  3. Joesportfury

    65' Sportfury

    rod440 must have my cars twin brother! I just realized new phone has no Fury pics yet.Get some up when I can
  4. Joesportfury

    Washer motor problem

    I do believe the mid 60s Mustangs use the same pump.Check Summit Racing
  5. Joesportfury

    still flooding

    I wonder if Dana(the member with the carb shop would have any ideas.My 65 Sport Fury 318 2 bbl. does the same thing.
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    Thanks for the comments.My old upholstery didn’t have the silver strip.They came off like they were factory covers.Anybody ever see that type on a Sport Fury?
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    More pics
  8. Joesportfury


    Finally got around to working on front seat upholstery.Started with a clean repainted frame this morning.Took me 6 hrs to finish drivers seat bottom.Legendary quoted 750 labor for front and rear seats.After working on this today I understand why.
  9. Joesportfury

    Painted my roof today....

    I just found your other post about rust removal on your roof.Please disregard my previous question.Thanks,JoeP
  10. Joesportfury

    Painted my roof today....

    Great job on your roof!I have similar rust on the roof of my 65 fury and would like to know what you did as far as prep work before paint.
  11. Joesportfury

    65 Fury 318 poly oil pan removal question...

    Finally got around to removing oil pan.Drop exhaust(don’t need to remove)Drop center steering link from idler arm and pitman arm.You can leave tie rods attached.Remove left side brace from motor to trans.Remove little inspection cover at bottom of trans/flywheel.Pan ready to remove.I did have to...
  12. Joesportfury

    First day out with Sport Fury. Not the best.

    From what I understand the later ness (3wire )will work.Two terminals act as a switch for back up lights and one is for starting.A test with a test light after installation should find the terminal you need.Anyone please correct me if I am mistaken
  13. Joesportfury

    trunk seal / gasket glue - I need some

    Thought I would pass on some tips.I agree that the black adhesive is the way to go.I put some masking tape just to the outside of where the seal is going to go to keep sealer off the paint.Apply sealer to trunk brush out with small brush.It should be a thin coat.Next put a small bead on...
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    Cleveland car show

    A little black spray bomb I take it
  15. Joesportfury

    Cleveland car show

    Lots of non c body cars at the show but I didn’t take many pictures.One car was calling my name.Didnt hurt that it was same year and color as my Spot
  16. Joesportfury

    Cleveland car show

    C body at Cleveland IXCenter
  17. Joesportfury

    65 Fury 318 poly oil pan removal question...

    I have to remove oil pan on my 65 Sport Fury poly as well.Did you get yours removed?Did it clear crank or did you have to lift motor up to clear? If I get to mine before you I will let you know the outcome.
  18. Joesportfury

    WANTED 1968 fury parts

    I have a 68 radio in parts car I will see if it works if you still need one.