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  1. barry68440

    1968 Chrysler, removing the stainless trim around taillights

    Lower mouldings have same style clip holding them on as the uppers. They just pop (pry) off. Plastic tool best but a screwdriver and a rag should do it. I've got the mouldings and clips if needed, but you should be fine!
  2. barry68440

    WANTED MSD RB block Distributor

    I believe I have both. They are new from Mopar electronic ignition kits
  3. barry68440

    '68 bb ps bracket

    These "floating brackets" are the only ones I know will work on these pumps. My belt will squeal if revving in neutral, but not in gear under hard acceleration, and it's on a hi-performance 440. Pretty much the nature of the beast. I have a complete floating bracket assembly, but it sounds like...
  4. barry68440

    For Sale 68 300 parts

    I have a new NOS switch, 2497387 non a/c car $60 I'll pay shipping in U.S. Still looking for radio...had one somewhere
  5. barry68440

    For Sale 68 300 parts

    I have the non a/c push button switch. Has FOUR buttons part # 2497387 new NOS. It's $60 and I'll pay shipping in U.S. Have a radio somewhere...haven't been able to put my hands on it yet. When/if I find it I'll test it and let you know. Barry
  6. barry68440

    For Sale 68 300 parts

    $75 for speedo - if interested give me an e-mail address and I'll send pix. ( I'll also photo some of the o's & e's , lol )
  7. barry68440

    For Sale 68 300 parts

    Have new (NOS) t/l lens lt & rt, b/u lens (2) w/bezels, lt & rt p/l lens and rt 1/4 lower rear mldg. Preceding items ALL NOS. Also have used set 15" w/covers (says Disc Brake on ornament), assorted n/plates and odds and ends.
  8. barry68440

    For Sale 68 300 parts

    Have new (NOS) speedo, h/l switch, blower switch (non-a/c), push button htr def switch (non-a/c), fuel gauge (dash), h/l dimmer switch, ignition switch, wiper switch, heater core (non-a/c car), cruise control switch/t/s lever, left & right dash circuit boards (for fender mounted t/s indicators)...
  9. barry68440

    WANTED 68 Polara 500 dash dimmer switch

    I have a new in box (NOS) dimmer switch for a 68 Chrysler....not sure if they are the same... it's the thumbwheel style w/3 terminals. If still in need I can send pix of switch to see if you can use it. Barry
  10. barry68440

    WANTED Two (2) Chrysler Road Wheels center caps (late type)

    Carl, if you're still in need, let me know. I have them. Barry
  11. barry68440

    WTB: Ceiling Mount Rear View Mirror

    If you need the bracket because it flops around, put a slightly larger screw in the plate that holds the pivot ball and snug it down. Presto, mirror fixed.
  12. barry68440

    1968 300 parts

    Have most gauges and switches on dash - All NOS - Cruise control lever/switch NOS - P/L lens' & t/l lens' NOS - Door hinges NOS - Rear 1/4 lower mldg. NOS - Rear marker lights used - Pentastar emblem NOS - Louvres, assorted n/plates, hood moulding, grille, h/l doors, h/l buckets and assorted...
  13. barry68440

    383 Motor Mounts?

    Yeah, I know all about that Chinese CRAP. Didn't think even they could mess up something that simple though.
  14. barry68440

    383 Motor Mounts?

    mounts Can't believe a local jobber can't get them. They were the same for years. That would be the least expensive way to go and you don't need mounts for a race car. If they don't have a listing ask them to cross reference the OEM part number 2536121 - same left and right. If you need the...
  15. barry68440

    The "Formal" guru is stumped...

    relay Stupid question, but why do you want to know? They are MOST annoying!
  16. barry68440

    '66 chrysler pins and bushings for door hinge

    hinges Just checked - hinges are the same. Let me know if interested.
  17. barry68440

    Stock "points" dist. to Mopar performance electronic ignition system.

    no start Make sure 12 volts to ballast when key on - MAKE SURE ECU IS GROUNDED, try running a ground wire from ECU bolt to body, engine or battery - sounds like wired correct assuming the two wires to dist. are correct. Did you splice this connection or did you have a harness that ran from ECU...
  18. barry68440

    '66 chrysler pins and bushings for door hinge

    hinges I have a set of NOS hinges for the 68 300 I had. Let me check and see if the same as 66. You looking for left, right, upper or lower or all.
  19. barry68440

    Noisy Headlight doors SLAM shut

    I assume all 3 rubber bumpers are on the h/l mounting panels.