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  1. Sixpactogo

    Acceleration problems

    I too would bet on the accelerator pump being the culprit. More than likely someone put ethanol laced gas in it. The ethanol will eat the pump material causing your issue. Been down that road myself. I think some of the newer kits have upgraded the pump material to better handle the alcohol but...
  2. Sixpactogo

    torsion bar question

    The old term "Righty-Tighty and Lefty-Loosey" should apply to both torsion adjusters. (Even in Canada)
  3. Sixpactogo

    Dumb question: removing wheel covers, and right-hand lugs?

    My 1960 Dart has the full wheel covers that cover the rim also. I use a flat screw driver to pry the caps off and use a rubber mallet to tap them back on so as not to dent them up. Your car has all right hand lug nuts as was reported earlier. Your old lug nuts should all be reusable and fit your...
  4. Sixpactogo

    For Sale Used Carter AVS Carb 4966S

    This carb is from a 1971 440 engine with automatic transmission. It is a Carter AVS 4966S carb that I bought from a vendor at the Mopar Nationals years ago. It has been sitting on a shelf but is not stuck or damaged. It will need a kit though IMO. These carbs are rated at 625 CFM and were used...
  5. Sixpactogo

    1960 Original Carburator

    My 1960 Dodge 318 - 4bbl came with intake 1859229 and a 2991S AFB carb. Not sure what intake 2206384 is but it is not in my 1960 parts book.
  6. Sixpactogo

    WANTED Looking for a bendix booster for disc/drum setup.

    You may want to have that booster rebuilt before installing it in your car. If it still works, it probably won't for long without refreshing. You will also need to grab the brake pedal linkage from under the dash.
  7. Sixpactogo

    WANTED Looking for a bendix booster for disc/drum setup.

    What makes you think you can use a drum brake booster? From my research, disc brakes need twice as much boost as do drum brakes. Hence the dual diaphragm.
  8. Sixpactogo

    I pulled the 383 out of my 66 windsor

    That makes sense. I guess that is why there is no evidence of turquoise paint.
  9. Sixpactogo

    I pulled the 383 out of my 66 windsor

    I don't know if the engine has been apart before but it certainly looks like someone painted it red in the past. As far as I remember all the 383's in 66 were painted turquoise. However, as long as it is out it looks like now would be the time to refresh it.
  10. Sixpactogo

    Coolant temp again

    The factory did a ton of research on how much cooling is needed for our cars and they all worked just fine until we started messing with the system. People swap out the pulleys with serpentine systems that use smaller crank pulleys and larger water pump pulleys in the name of saving horsepower...
  11. Sixpactogo

    Need Parking Lock Cover for 1965 Torqueflite Transmission.

    If it were me, I would hit that crack with a grinder to scuff it up and smear a little JB weld on it and get on with life. However, you are correct. There should be a few in the junk yards. I know where there are a few but they are 150 miles from me.
  12. Sixpactogo

    Headlight power source with relays.

    The Alternator seems to be the common place to source the power from since it is a stud that is easily accessible. Your dad more than likely didn't want to clutter up the battery post by tying in there. I would have done the same. Tie em back in and hit the road.
  13. Sixpactogo

    '66 C-Body Kickdown/Throttle Linkage Pops off/Disconnects at Upper Bell Crank When Start Accelerate/Shift Down

    The parts book will help with part numbers but it is the FSM (factory service manual) that tells you how to adjust the kick-down linkage. I'm betting you have the correct parts but maybe that clip that holds the socket onto the ball has opened up and no longer doing it's job.
  14. Sixpactogo

    '66 C-Body Kickdown/Throttle Linkage Pops off/Disconnects at Upper Bell Crank When Start Accelerate/Shift Down

    I just adjusted my kick-down linkage on my 65 Sport Fury a couple weeks ago. The service manual tells you exactly how to do it. If yours is set up properly and the rod falls off of the ball, you probably need a different rod. I have a couple of them. I believe they were the same for 383 and 440...
  15. Sixpactogo

    WANTED Rubber bit at top of Vent window - '65 Convertible

    I thought they would be the same also. Apparently not so. I checked my parts book and it looks like 65 C body 2dr ht, 4dr ht & Convert Dodge, Chrysler and Imperial use the same part number 2491294-5 while 64, 66 and 67 all have different bumpers as well. Only the 66-68 Imperials use the 2491294...
  16. Sixpactogo

    '65 trans x-member, same as B body?

    I have one for sale on this site as well
  17. Sixpactogo

    61 Dart Seneca Steering Column/Turn Signal Issue

    I have not had mine apart recently but I don't think that straight screw belongs in there. Pretty sure they were all Phillips head screws. Is it too long and bottoming out by chance?
  18. Sixpactogo

    1970 Fury HP Exhaust Manifolds Burn Valve Cover Paint

    my 78 440 powered truck came from the factory with those exhaust manifold gaskets that protect the valve cover gasket. When I built my 70 Challenger six pack car I added one of those gaskets on the right side of that engine because the manifold is real close on the right bank but no so much on...