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    Replace heater core

    Hey there, I recently unmounted, restored and built back together the heater core in my 1971 Newport with A/C. It wasnt that hard at all compared to other work I did on the car (e.g. installing TTI headers lol) You basiclly have to follow the steps from the FSM, but I will describe it a bit more...
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    Comment by 'ATw' in item '71 Newport'

    Thanks, but it is one and the same car :) I just had different rims on it and adjusted the height of the car ;)
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    Small engine big head driveability

    The dp4b is the same height as a ede performer (without rpm) and I have no issues with clearence. I use a dual snorkel and a 1" spacer. Have about 1" clearence to the hood if i remember correct.
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    Small engine big head driveability

    Thanks for your replies. Of course, there are always different ways for more power. Sure, I could port my 346s, put another cam in right now, or go one of the other ways you mentioned. But that is not my plan ;) As I wrote in the first post, I plan to stroke the engine in the future (489 or...
  5. 71 Newport

    71 Newport

    383 | 727 | 3.23 | 1 7/8" | 3" | 235/70/15 | 275/60/15
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    Small engine big head driveability

    Hey mev! The stealth heads are Not only a copy of the 906 heads concerning the Ports. A stock 906 has roughly 170-180cc intake Port volume vs 210 of the stealth. So you see, there is a big difference...
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    Small engine big head driveability

    Hello everybody! Im currently thinking about upgrading the heads on my low comp 383 in my 71 newport. It has a Stock short block including Stock cam. Ported Dp4b intake, 650 avs2, 1 7/8 tti Headers with 3" dual exhaust and Stock 346 heads. 3.55 gear and 2000 Stall speed. Weighs in at 4600. My...
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    Hello from Germany

    hello everybody! It´s nice, that there is a FCBO-Forum. Didnt recognize that so far. My name is Andy, i´m 22 years young, from Germany and drive a 71 Newport. I own this car since 3 years, but there is still some work to do ( get faster and stuff ;) ) I hope, there are some C-body loving guys...
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    70" fuselage c body upper/lower control arms They dont have them listed in their onlineshop, but they sell tubular upper controlarms with new bushings and balljoint.
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    Here are some pictures of my car, 1971 Chrysler Newport with 383 727: Greetings Andy