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    american cars in sweden and their car shows

    Here is a longer documentary (40 minutes) covering several car shows in sweden and their "american" car culture in general. It also shows the subculture of "raggare". The video is cut and filmed well. Just the speaker is talking english in a real poor way. But the video will give a decent...
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    NY Worked Fair 64-65 Chrysler Pavillion

    great, thanks for sharing Carsten
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    The hardest thing I've ever had to say. RIP Bob Urban

    I haven't been around much lately and just read Stans signature. I am sorry to read this. Bob was a nice and friendly guy and will be missed. RIP Carsten
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    this weekend on a german road during the Fuselage meet

    yes, it was also filmed. Around 50 Fuselage c-bodies cruising down the german road Carsten
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    this weekend on a german road during the Fuselage meet

    picture credit by Mitch
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    SF GT

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    SF GT

    we will see if it works out in time Carsten
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    SF GT

    no, I won't be in Hüttblek. Probably at a local meet or Holland. I plan to be in Kaunitz but not with the SFGT. It is currently in maintenance, we rebuilt the steering box etc and I hope it will be back on the road for the BBTR fuselage meet. Carsten
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    SF GT

    a great car in the hands of a good friend Carsten
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    C bodies in motion thread

    yes, that is cheap. I pay around 10$ for a gallon of ultimate gas in germany Carsten
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    Ford Has Everything Already Thought Out for Us Collectors

    I totally agree with you. Too many people on the planet. Many rising countries who will produce more CO2 due to their consum. Evolution will work its way and sort us all out. So lets enjoy the last good years we might have and burn as much gasoline as we can.
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    First Comparison Between Escalade and Jeep Grand Cherokee - Motor Trend

    ok, I might be able to do that. But that never stopped me from buying cars I should not touch for financial reasons. I am in the market for a 57 New Yorker 2dr HT in certain colours or 58 Desoto Adventurer. But I know that their market peak is probably passed already and they rather loose...
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    First Comparison Between Escalade and Jeep Grand Cherokee - Motor Trend

    I really don't care for cars with catalytic converters. To me those modern cars are always butt ugly. Seeing the price tag I rather buy a 68/69 Hemi B-body for that money and continue to cruise around in an old worn Mopar as daily driver. Maybe I just refuse to grow up:D Carsten
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    Umm... Joey, my thread got locked

    I think Dave would like it me puting in a 1970 grill:lol:
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    Cousin Polara Dave

    Dave called my once in a while "cousin". Because we could share a lot of thoughts about fuselage c-bodies and have similar opinions and attitudes. Maybe despite the fact if they should leave the US or not:D:eek::rolleyes: Anyway: I don't like ball less message boards so I would like to see him...
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    Lonely C

    yes, we are poor people. Here are some other Mopars that attended "Haubentauchen"
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    Lonely C

    here are the C-bodies from today
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    Lonely C

    180 cars and only one c-body? Sent it over to germany. Today I was at a cruise in with around 70 cars. Six of them were C-bodies Carsten