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    What is a Sport Fury III, or a Sports Fury?

    I went online to look for an old Plymouth Fury to check on emblems, and one of the first images to come up is from a big classic car dealer advertising a 1959 Plymouth "SPORTS Fury". It must be a common affliction. MY pet peeve is people who call the late "Fury Sport" model, the one from the...
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    What is a Sport Fury III, or a Sports Fury?

    "Radio delete" and "posi" are not brand names or trademarks. "Posi" is used generically in the same way that all tissues have become Kleenex and all gelatin desserts have become Jell-O. IMO 'Cruise control' is another term that has become generic.
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    Unsure of how to move forward with 81 EFI Imperial

    Well everyone here knows it's not a C body but of course there's plenty of folks willing to help out with suggestions and advice because it's an old Mopar, and that's great. Here's my contribution - I won't gain any friends here but I'll be honest about my attitude. Never cared for the styling...
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    SOLD 1965 Chrysler 300L Factory 4 Speed for Sale

    Delivery paperwork indicates it was sold to an Elmer L Books in Cleona PA. That's likely a slight error - there is an Elmer M Books in Cleona PA who passed away in 1985 and records do not state any other family members including children named Elmer. I'm guessing he was a retiree who decided to...
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    1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT strobe stripes

    I'll give Phoenix credit for trying, but really their kit was a mile off of looking like the originals. Nobody who knew what a '71 Fury GT looked like would have been fooled for two seconds. It was very different than the 70 by the way. Trivia - the original stripe kit used at the factory was...
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    67 300 Vert- Fan Questions

    At an idle, a stock fan with a shroud will solidly pull air through the radiator. That flex fan without a shroud will not pull a fraction of the air. It shouldn't be that hard to find a stock fan and shroud; definitely skip the flex fan. And if the car has A/C, all the more reason to go with the...
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    1970 B5 Sport Fury GT...Critters folly....back to basics

    Just a side comment on the 70 SFGT vs the 1971 SFGT... I owned one of each. The 1970 GT came with either the 350hp 440 or (very few) the 6 pack motor. The 1971 GT came with the 370 (or was it 375?) hp 440, no six packs are known to have been made (though I saw a photo of 6bbl hood graphics...
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    For Sale 1969 Plymouth VIP edition - $12000 (san jose south)

    Are you sure of that? I've seen and owned Sport Fury GT's which came with bench seats, why would a 69 Sport Fury have buckets? Or was that how it was in '69?
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    Hope This Doesn’t Get Parted Out

    He can preserve it as is if he likes but please don't be living in my neighborhood with such an eyesore. This is really just sad, like 'Wasn't grandma cute in her hobo Halloween costume?' and thinking it's OK to bury her in it. Nobody really wants to see that.
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    I have a chance to buy a 71 Sport fury , it’s in rough shape.

    He wanted eight grand for that rusted clunker? I think you'd have been crazy to buy it at any price, fixing a rusted unibody is just huge. You would CRY if I told you what all I sold two years ago - a 1970 Sport Fury nearly rust free with a drag strip car driveline, new new new parts galore...
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    I have a chance to buy a 71 Sport fury , it’s in rough shape.

    I myself have no pictures of it up close but it's maybe 7/8 to possibly an inch wide, each section is maybe a foot long? - there are three per front fender, and it's inlaid with black plastic that has little ridges or grooves that run crossways (not lengthwise). The front piece has the beloved...
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    I have a chance to buy a 71 Sport fury , it’s in rough shape.

    I always liked that fender top trim on my '71 SFGT...
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    1965 Windsor

    When I was 19, one Saturday afternoon under the inspiration of too much beer I came up with the idea of converting my 1971 1-of-375-built Sport Fury GT to a 4 speed. Eventually it was completed and not done badly but in retrospect I wish I'd stayed sober that day, and left it the hell alone. My...
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    1977 440 into 1965 Dodge Polara

    Just my .02, don't put a smog motor in any car. It would be much cooler to leave the poly motor.
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    For Sale 1970 Polara convertible for sale (Sudbury, Canada)

    Love the car, HATE what he has done to it. Everything says 'tacky' including those K-Mart surface mount speakers in the back seat area. (Which by the way undoubtedly have caused holes for screws and wires in very hard to replace side panels.) And really, big low-profile tires/wheels just look...
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    Comment by 'SFGT440' in item 'My Chryslers Of The Past'

    Pics like this are so cool... even though the picture quality isn't very good they still capture a moment when you were standing there and that car was right in front of you.
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    Comment by 'SFGT440' in item 'My Car Jean'

    I like it! Not too fancy, but not cheap looking. Very understated, all business. And it doesn't have a vinyl top, which makes it different.
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    Things I'm doing to my '69 300...

    Now THAT is a very sharp looking car. A real head turner. Bet you can't park it anyplace without people asking you about it. Cars like this will be the Auburns and Duesenbergs of the future. I think Pontiac had most of the best looking cars of the 60's and very early 70's but this matches any of...
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    Question about wax

    Waxing a vinyl roof is going to fill all those little cracks and grooves with wax that will turn white, and getting that out will be impossible without chemicals or scrubbing that are bad for the vinyl. Use something that is meant for vinyl.
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    It´s time for a SAR mission Doc !!!

    "Rare Cadillac with trunk located in the front."