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  1. AlVal74

    Door card clips

    Good afternoon all and happy new year!! I have a few questions that maybe someone else figured out. So I redid my door cards on my 68 300. I don’t know how I messed up but now none of the clips match up with any of the holes in the door. I was thinking drill new holes in the doors to match the...
  2. AlVal74

    What is this?

    This was broken on my rear 1/4 window track keeping it from going up and down correctly. Checked parts catalog and can’t find it at all. All I can find is 23-64-269.
  3. AlVal74


    can someone help me out with how to reattach my emblems to the doors?? They broke coming off. Thanks!!
  4. AlVal74

    Package Tray

    Hi All, Does anyone know if a 68 Newport Rear package tray will fit my 68 300?? I know some parts are the same on these cars and wanna make sure if I get one from a Newport that it'll fit my 300. Both are 2dr hardtops. Thanks!!!
  5. AlVal74

    SEM color

    Hello all, I've painted my dash a rustoleum charcoal gray and I'm looking to see if anyone would know a close match with SEM for the vinyl and plastics. I tried to color code it but don't really know. If anyone has any experience It'd be appreciated. Thank you all
  6. AlVal74


    Anybody remember where this goes?? Thanks
  7. AlVal74

    Drain plugs

    Hello guys and ladies, I was curious where I can find new floor drain plugs. I cleaned and por-15nd my floors but prior to that I destroyed most of the drain plugs cuz they were hermetically sealed to the floor. Thanks much
  8. AlVal74

    Clean up!

    Hello all!! It's been awhile since I've posted (neck surgery stalled my restore). But I'm back at it. So, I pulled my entire dash out and I'm looking for suggestions on how to clean up the individual parts on the dash before reinstall. Murray Park sent me an awesome dash pad and I want to spray...