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  1. tfrogh

    NOT MINE NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Polara Custom 2DRHT in Fallston (Baltimore Area) MD

    $5000 FIRM. We will part this car if it doesn't sell by end of November so feel free to send list of parts you need. 1970 Dodge Polara Custom One Owner Car ( NOT Monaco, FB doesn't have Polara as option) This is an awesome one owner car. You can see the upholstery is still in pretty good shape...
  2. tfrogh

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Fury III Convertible - $22,900 - Port Richey, Florida

    I actually do not mind it...though it needs a white interior IMHO. Why oh WHY?? do convertibles ever come with black interiors. If I was silly rich...I could enjoy having this in my car collection.
  3. tfrogh

    NOT MINE Not Mine… 1973 T&C in Baltimore MD $5,400 - 113k

    Spotted this on FB this morning here in Maryland…Dark green over black interior. "1973 Chrysler Town & Country six-passenger station wagon with 440 cubic inch V8, and Torqueflite A727 heavy duty transmission. New Holley four barrel...
  4. tfrogh

    NOT MINE 1977 Gran Fury Coupe (Diplomat Roof)

    I stumbled across this on Gateway Classic Cars. Kinda makes me someone clearly did not like the way this left the factory as a Classy Coupe. Glad it is a Diplomat roof so I am even less tempted. Oh, and WOW what a price. OUCH! 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham Maybe, if it had a...
  5. tfrogh

    NOT MINE 1974 Dodge Monaco Brougham Coupe - $7,000 - Medina, New York

    I wasn't in the I dream of a formal years Gran Fury 2DRHT. But...that color is damn sexy! Just gotta be super thorough looking at it… on a lift! I know Buffalo area cars... "OH HONEY??? come look at what I found…"
  6. tfrogh

    Oil Changes on older cars

    My '72 never cracked open 360ci ran the best when I switched to Lucas Oil Hot Rod and Classic 10w40. It has all the additives old cars require. I used to buy by the 5gal jug of Amazon, but I believe Walmart sells it.
  7. tfrogh

    NOT MINE Big Boy wagon on BaT!

    No Reserve: 1969 Chrysler Town & Country I did not see a thread for this. Anyone else drooling?
  8. tfrogh

    SOLD 1972 Wagon Gas Tank plus a few odds and ends

    I am in Westminster MD. 21157. A guy I met years ago pulled this from a junked car hoping to use it in a '73 Wagon he had. It did not fit. Apparently the design changed. When we met, and I had a '72, he transferred its storage to me. My '72 already had a fully restored gas tank so I never...
  9. tfrogh

    NOT MINE NOT MINE…73 Newport in Baltimore MD on CL Poor thing! Anyone looking for a parts car?
  10. tfrogh

    Squished '72 Fury wagon

    Corrections… Original owners parted with it in 2013 :-) Accident damage on left rear was in the early 90's (while in SC). I still vote for making it into Ranchero/El Camino. I'll keep playing the lottery to buy it back with an added storage fee. :-) I bet the guys at FantomWorks or OveHaulin...
  11. tfrogh

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Glad to see all the interest. Right now, BigMOPARjeff is taking the whole car. He would be the person to inquire about parts from. Still working out a transfer plan from Westminster MD to Dublin PA.
  12. tfrogh

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Awaiting the processing of paperwork for the Buy Back and Salvage Title process. Seems the rep assigned to my case has never done a Buy Back before. Final tally… $985 is what the Buy Back is going to cost me. The amount is based on scraping not auction. Ideally, for me, a single sale is best...
  13. tfrogh

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Appraiser looked at the car. He submits his report to the insurance company, for them to make a determination. I should hear something this coming week. I plan to do the buyback so the car is not sold for scrap. That will involve sending in the title for them to process to MD Motor Vehicles...
  14. tfrogh

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Gah, I wish! Looking at those prices and then looking at what I see them for sale on the forum for...either that value table is high as a kite or the cars on here are dirt cheap! The blue '72 with wood grain was a 9-passenger for $12k and was gorgeous. When I got the car, there was a salmon...
  15. tfrogh

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    I have neither the time, tools or training to effect any of the repairs. I would have to have a shop do it all. And that is big bucks. Full repaint along with the roof replacement and a hunt for a lot of parts. If I was a rich man, I absolutely would have a shop fix it up or better yet, make...
  16. tfrogh

    For Sale 72 Plym Custom Suburban for parts?

    Many of you may have seen my thread a few weeks ago about trees crushing my buddy's garage with my 72 Wagon inside. Well, the wagon is finally out from under the garage and back home in my garage pending a visit from an Insurance Adjuster. I am 99% positive they will be totaling the car. I...
  17. tfrogh

    Well, the Insurance company was wrong in this instance!

    Yea, if I ever hit the lottery, my dream garage will be built like a municipal parking garage. Big concrete structure!
  18. tfrogh

    Well, the Insurance company was wrong in this instance!

    Actually it is. 100% It is called Comprehensive Coverage.
  19. tfrogh

    Well, the Insurance company was wrong in this instance!

    When the house went up 40 years ago, it wasn't so bad. But over the years, the trees slowly keep growing and you get used to them. They will be coming down now. Though, they will be missing the shade.
  20. tfrogh

    Well, the Insurance company was wrong in this instance!

    It was a wood frame garage with aluminum doors. The odds of it not being totaled are probably the same as my hitting the jackpot on Powerball. No way the wagon's roof isn't flattened. Waiting to hear from the adjuster with Grundy. Comprehensive claim, fully insured. Absolutely, I will try to...